Viber for Windows Phone 8 update adds free VoIP calling with HD audio (Original)

DNP Viber for Windows Phone 8 updated with free VoIP calling with HD audio

After several months as a watered down messaging app, Viber for Windows Phone 8 is finally catching up to its Android and iOS counterparts. Starting today, the redesigned VoIP application now supports free calls with HD audio, lock screen notifications and the ability to pin conversations to your Start screen. This Metro modern UI version of Viber also includes photo sharing and group conversations with up to 40 participants. So, if your call plan is running low on minutes and the latest version of Skype just isn't cutting the mustard, head on over to the source link to give this free VoIP software a whirl.

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Source: Windows Phone Store

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Skype Competitor Viber Launches On Windows Phone 8 (Original)


Viber has made multi-platform expansion its number one priority. It makes sense, given that Viber’s main task is providing free, seamless communication to anyone in the world, regardless of which platform they use.

Today, that expansion includes Windows Phone 8, with a new native Viber app that has been especially tailored to the WP8 UI.

Just like the many Viber apps that have come before it, the new WP8 version includes free text and photo messaging, free VoIP HD calling, group chat with room for 40 of your closest friends, and location sharing. The app supports up to 30 different languages to comply with Viber’s global user base.

In terms of special tailoring for Windows Phone, the new Viber app allows users to pin their favorite conversations to the home screen in the form of a live tile. Of course, users will also get lock screen notifications for conversations that remain unpinned.

Here’s what Talmon Marco, Viber CEO, had to say about the launch:

One of our most important goals is supporting multiple platforms, ensuring our users can reach all of their friends and contacts no matter what mobile OS they use. Supporting Windows Phone 8 is a critical part of this strategy and we are thrilled that Viber will now be available on the growing list of Windows 8 devices.

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Google Adds Twilio For The First Voice And Messaging APIs Available Through The Google Cloud Platform And App Engine (Original)


Twilio today is taking one more step in its bid to become the most ubiquitous voice and messaging API available to developers: it is announcing a partnership with Google’s Cloud Platform. This makes it the first time that a voice and messaging API-based solution has been integrated with the Google App Engine, giving developers on the platform — some 250,000 active, with 1 million registered apps at Google’s last count — the ability to integrate voice and messaging services into their web and mobile apps by way of a few lines of code.

The added functionality will sweeten the deal for developers, which Google hopes will attract them to its platform instead of opting for platform-as-a-service competitors like Amazon Web Services, Parse or Microsoft’s Azure platform. For its part, Twilio was already integrated with all three of those, as well as Sendgrid to offer similar services, according to Lynda Smith, CMO at Twilio.

Integrations like these are a sign of the times: developers are on the hunt for more functionality in their mobile and web apps, and they are increasingly gravitating to platforms where they can most easily pick and choose different features to build, store and serve out its apps — a shopping mall model for apps, as it were.…

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AT&T says HD Voice is coming to its LTE network later this year (Original)

AT&T has announced it's working on a plan to roll out HD Voice technology later this year, allowing users to enjoy calls with higher-quality audio. However, to make use of it, both handsets on the call, as well as the network, need to support the feature.…

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DiGi offers free Skype service (Original)

First Malaysian cellco to offer such OTT service

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T-Mobile says its iPhone 5 has HSPA+ on AWS bands, HD Voice (Original)

TMobile John Legere

We all know the iPhone is at last reaching T-Mobile -- but what you might not know is that it won't just be a one-for-one port of the existing hardware. Carrier CEO John Legere just stated that the T-Mobile iPhone 5 will support HSPA+ on AWS bands (1,700MHz and 2,100MHz) in addition to ready-made LTE support. If you wander outside of an LTE coverage area, you'll still have up to 42Mbps data on Magenta's network. There's more: it'll also support the same HD Voice calling that went nationwide in January.

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Facebook Messenger iOS app enables free calling feature for UK users (Original)

Facebook Messenger iOS app adds free calling feature for UK users

While Americans and Canadians have enjoyed making app-based voice calls to their Facebook contacts since January, their overseas buddies have missed out -- until now. The social network's iOS Messenger app has just doled out the calling feature to the UK and potentially other parts of Europe too, although we haven't yet been able to confirm exactly how far and wide the update reaches. It's worth noting that the feature isn't enabled on the Android iteration yet, either. The new calling service isn't powered by Skype this time, although it works in a similarly uncomplicated way, with the ability to leave voice messages with any busy users. According to Pocket-lint, this is an experimental version, warning that you might experience a few bugs and glitches as you play around with it, but hey, you're getting free calls to (most of) your friends, barring any data charges. We've tested the new feature and it's working for several of our UK editors over both WiFi and 3G, but if you haven't already picked up the messaging app yet, you can grab it at the source below.

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Skype for Windows Phone 8 gets HD video, People Hub integration in latest update (Original)

Skype for Windows Phone 8 gets HD video, People Hub integration in latest update

Avid Skype video users on Windows Phone 8, now is the time to get your hair did -- HD video is now possible employing "higher-end" WP8 devices, such as the Lumia 920, HTC 8X, and Samsung Ativ S. "Lower end handsets" will have to settle for VGA video, though Microsoft says call quality across the board was improved in update 2.4. All WP8 handsets will enjoy People Hub integration, meaning you can jump right into Skype calls from your contacts list, rather than having to independently open the app. And should a friend need to use your phone to Skype a buddy in Belgrade, account switching is now integrated into the main menu. The update is of course free, and available right now in the Windows Phone store. Head past the break for the full list of updates.

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Facebook Messenger offers free calling in Canada

As a follow-up to Facebook Messenger's iOS support launched earlier this year, free voice calling has now been added to the Android app to compete with the likes of Line, Viber, Nimbuzz and WeChat. This new feature will allow users to make voice calls that consume data rather than eating into voice [...]

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Skype at South by Southwest 2013 (Original)

Do you consider yourself a music, technology, film or education aficionado?  If so, you may have heard about South by Southwest, a 26-year old Austin, Texas-based festival event better known simply as “SXSW” to most.  Over the years, it has grown to become one of the biggest events to find out about what’s new and exciting in pop culture.  Enthusiasts and experts from around the world gather at SXSW for discussions of the intersection of the education space, technology, digital/social media, and film and music industries.

South by Southwest Logo

Will you be attending SXSW?  If so, please stop by and say “hi” at our exciting Skype activities:

SXSW Education Panel: How Video Calls Globalize Shared Learning

Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E

Tuesday, March 5th: 12:00PM – 1:00PM CT

Thanks to technology, classrooms no longer have four walls. The use of video calls in classrooms around the world is making shared learning possible. Now, students in Kentucky can connect with schools in Kenya, or a teacher in Oregon can collaborate on a weather project with a teacher in Argentina.

In this session, Skype’s Elisa Steele will be joined by educational technology consultant Wendy Gorton and Professor John Boyer of Virginia Tech University to discuss the importance of shared learning experiences, highlight their own uses of video calling and explore how to best implement it in the classroom setting.…

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