Audi revs up $15/month in-car Wi-Fi data plan deal with T-Mobile – for $450 upfront (Original)

Audi is hoping to lure in more tech-driven buyers with a new in-car Wi-Fi data plan with T-Mobile that cuts the cost for using all those cool in-vehicle connectivity features in its tech suite. According to Audi, it’s a feature many prospective owners very much want. With the new data plan, Audi owners (and passengers) [...]…

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AT&T says HD Voice is coming to its LTE network later this year (Original)

AT&T has announced it's working on a plan to roll out HD Voice technology later this year, allowing users to enjoy calls with higher-quality audio. However, to make use of it, both handsets on the call, as well as the network, need to support the feature.…

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Telcos, vendors fight Google-Apple duopoly (Original)

Backing alternative smartphone platforms as a defensive play

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