Redbox Instant streaming now available on LG Smart TVs (Original)

Redbox Instant now available on LG Smart TVs

While still in beta, Redbox Instant is slowly increasing the number of devices it supports and has now announced its launch on LG's Smart TV platform (TVs only, not Blu-ray players, for now). The hybrid disc / video on-demand / subscription streaming movie service has continued to push updates to its apps on Android and iOS since their debut, and has been posting promotions of its "disc + digital" approach. Its digital catalog is still more limited than competition like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but the disc aspect is an interesting hook, allowing users to pick up a brand new flick at the kiosk and stream catalog fare, all under one package. If you're in the beta then let us know how things are progressing in the comments, and if you're not then you can get a free month trial at the link below.

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Google reportedly signs deal with Sony and Universal ahead of launching music streaming service (Original)

Google reportedly signs deal with Sony and Universal ahead of launching music streaming service

Sure, Google I/O may not focus on new products, but it might just take a moment to unveil the firm's take on music streaming. According to The Verge, Mountain View has inked licensing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment for YouTube and Google Play. With Fortune having reported that a similar deal with Warner Music Group is already in the can, it's entirely possible that the search titan could reveal its Spotify-like service at the developer event, now that it's reportedly reached critical mass with major music labels. If things pan out as the Financial Times sees them, the tune streaming would complement Google Music, and likely sport paid and free, ad-supported experiences. Page & Co.'s dev shindig may not have skydivers this year, but on-demand music may be on the program.

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Source: The Verge

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ABC to start streaming live programming to mobile devices this week (Original)

Definitely a move to combat the potential popularity of start-up Aereo, ABC announced a new application that will stream live television to both Web and mobile users. However, it's limited to premium TV subscribers.…

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Aereo’s quasilegal TV streaming is just what we need to slap big media awake (Original)

TV networks are throwing a hissy fit over Aereo’s distribution of their programming over the Web. But the legal checkmate they currently face could be the hardship that finally forces them to embrace online distribution.…

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Lovefilm launches new streaming app (Original)

LovefilmAmazon-owned UK OTT subscription video-on-demand service Lovefilm has launched a new streaming app for internet connected devices. The app will initially be launched on the Sony PlayStation 3 games console in the UK and Germany, and will then be rolled out to all Lovefilm Instant-enabled platforms.

According to Lovefilm new features include an improved search functionality and recommendation engine, and a new user interface.

Lovefilm has also added a Watchlist feature, allowing members to create an unlimited streaming playlist that can be accessed at any time. A new display on users’ home pages keeps track of what content they are currently viewing and the last location reached in that video to make it easier to resume viewing from the same place via any Lovefilm-enabled device.

The PlayStation 3 update also enables Lovefilm subscribers to watch HD content via the games console for the first time.

“Lovefilm has been a fantastic part of the services offering on PlayStation 3 since 2010. Now with a brand new improved app coming first to PlayStation 3 plus the addition of HD content, this is a huge enhancement to the PlayStation entertainment portfolio and even more relevant for our millions of UK customers,” said Fergal Gara, vice-president and managing director for Sony Computer Entertainment UK and Ireland.…

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Plair streams video from your laptop and smartphone to your HDTV for $100 (Original)

Plair takes on Apple AirPlay and the Roku Streaming Stick by beaming any Web content on your laptop (through your Chrome browser) and mobile devices (iOS and Android) to your HDTV.…

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CBS buys into TV streaming firm (Original)

CBS Corporation has bought a minority stake in Syncbak, a technology company that streams local TV stations across the web and to mobile devices.

Announcing the strategic move, CBS said it “expects to work closely with its owned and affiliated television stations as well as advertisers, rights holders, cable, satellite and telco partners in the coming months and years as Syncbak becomes fully activated and deployed.”

At the same time, CBS said Syncbak will continue to offer its platform to other broadcast networks and their station groups. Syncbak’s technology is currently being tested by more than 100 television stations in 70 markets, including major US networks like CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC and The CW.

The move follows CBS’s ongoing spat with Aereo, a firm that uses a similar TV channel streaming technology.

Last year Aereo was hit by lawsuits from 17 broadcasters including Fox, Univision, ABC, NBC, CBS, alleging that the service infringed their copyrights. They claimed that Aereo should not be allowed to retransmit television stations over the web without licensing the content from content owners or receiving consent from the TV signal owners.

However, earlier this month, a ruling by the second circuit court of appeals in New York upheld a previous decision, denying an injunction against the firm for distributing broadcast television over the web.…

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Netflix unleashes website showing ISP performance

Neflix has made public a list of ISPs and their average bandwidth performance with the launch of their ISP Speed Index.  The service provides a simple dashboard that identifies the highest, lowest and average ISP bandwidths in each country in which Netflix operates.  Perhaps this kind of public[...]

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