Where’s Twitter Music For Android? Why Today’s Tech Companies Are Still Going iOS First (Original)


Where is Twitter Music for Android? With today’s launch of Twitter’s new music discovery platform, the company has again made a move to sideline the install base of around half of the U.S.’s smartphone audience by failing to deliver a native application for users of non-Apple devices. It’s a strategy that still remains prevalent among tech companies today, both large and small. The companies’ reasons vary: for many smaller startups, there simply aren’t enough developers to build for iOS and Android simultaneously. Meanwhile for others, the iOS-first decision is more of a strategic play.

Twitter Music is now the second major new mobile application that Twitter has brought to Apple device owners first. The company previously launched its Vine video-sharing application as iOS-only in January, and it still remains exclusive to that platform today.

The interesting thing about Music’s launch – a move announced on ABC’s “Good Morning America” –  is that Twitter is attempting to reach a mainstream audience with the app. In the U.S., that audience is just as likely to be on Android as iOS – if not more so, in fact. Google’s Android platform now accounts for 51.7 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers, while Apple’s iOS reaches 38.9 percent.…

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Hands on: Latest SoundTracking update combines the joys of Instagram and instant music (Original)

You can be your group's music guru and provide everyone with a taste of your life's soundtrack with SoundTracking. The latest update to the app links it to Instagram, so you can attach your favorite tunes to your favorite filtered photos.…

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Facebook is appealing to its Asian users with messaging, emoticons, and stickers (Original)

Aside from Chat heads, the latest iOS update for the Facebook app also has giant stickers that will certainly appeal to the emoji-loving market.…

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150 million messages are sent on Snapchat every day (Original)

150 million pictures are sent over Snapchat every day, CEO Evan Spiegel has revealed. Snapchat lets you select how long you want your pic to appear for, but as far as screencaps are concerned, “Any time at all,” is already too long.…

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Twitter who? New app turns Wikipedia into a real time news source (Original)

Twitter and other social networks have become our de facto platforms for discovering breaking news, but add Wikipedia to that list thanks to a new app called Wikipedia Live Monitor.…

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WhatsApp “Bigger Than Twitter” With Over 200M Monthly Active Users, 8B Inbound And 12B Outbound Messages Daily (Original)


WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum was on stage today at the AllThingsD Dive Into Mobile conference in New York City, where he said that the app is now larger than Twitter by monthly active users. He wouldn’t say exactly how many the company had, just that it was north of 200 million users.

Koum also noted that the messaging app now sees an average of 8 billion inbound, and 12 million outbound messages per day, and with less than 50 engineers, the highest ratio of active users per long-term employee today of any active tech company.

Twitter noted that it hit its own 200 million monthly active user count back in December, while WhatsApp noted in January that it had reached the 7 billion inbound messages per day milestone. To some extent, comparing the two is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, but recent evidence suggests that social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter are losing the attention of younger users, who are turning to platforms like WhatsApp instead.

Koum said that the company has yet to see any drop off in user numbers or engagement resulting from their recent decision to start charging $0.99 per year, which means that right now WhatsApp has a pretty ideal combination of user growth, user activity and inbound revenue.…

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Tibco Taps Amazon’s AWS, KPN As The First Cloud Platform Partners For Its Tibbr Enterprise Social Network (Original)


Tibbr, the social networking service from enterprise software company Tibco, has over 1.5 million subscribers — all paid — and today it’s announcing two platform partners, Amazon Web Services and Dutch carrier KPN, as it embarks on a new drive to grow that user base as a cloud service. Putting tibbr on the AWS Marketplace and KPN’s GRIP platform will be the first time the social networking service will be sold, billed and provisioned via third-party platforms. And that is a sign of how app store-style enterprise marketplaces continue to evolve and become a go-to place for cloud software companies looking to connect with customers.

Tibbr has traditionally sourced many of its users from among the businesses that look to Tibco for other enterprise software solutions — with companies like Macy’s, KPMG, and Schneider Electric among those users across desktop and mobile devices (tibbr currently works on iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms). But the bigger opportunity is in targeting enterprises that are not already owned by Tibco, competing for business users against other products like Microsoft’s Yammer and Chatter from Salesforce, which also offer closed social networking services for smaller workgroups and the very largest enterprises. Tibco has 4,000 enterprises on its books; of the 1.5 million users of tibbr, some 40% are existing Tibco customers, while 60% are not.…

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Twitter seeking TV content partnerships (Original)

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Twitter reportedly in talks to add video clips from Viacom, NBC (Original)

Twitter reportedly in talks to add video clips from Viacom, NBC

Now that Twitter has very tentatively launched Music integration, Bloomberg is reporting its next media target is TV. According to unnamed sources, Twitter is "close" to cutting deals to integrate video clips into the timeline, and sell advertising next to them. As we've seen with the new Cards it revealed earlier this month, bringing in more content about what users are discussing is key to its new strategy, and short TV clips fits into that idea perfectly. The report claims the first deal could be struck as soon as next month, with the possibility of other networks following afterward. Also playing into the strategy is its purchase of Bluefin Labs in February. Bluefin's focus is tracking how much users talk about particular TV shows, and Twitter claimed at the time that it sought to "create innovative new ad products and consumer experiences in the exciting intersection of Twitter and TV." Think that fits?

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Source: Bloomberg

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Facebook Home now officially available to download (Original)

Facebook Home 625
If you’ve been waiting to try out Facebook’s new people-oriented approach to smartphones, today is your lucky day. Facebook Home is now officially available to download and install on your Android phone. Facebook……

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