TV channel apps used by 14% of smartphone, tablet users (Original)

iPad miniSome 14% of smartphone and tablet users used TV channel apps from networks like MTV, Nickelodeon and USA Networks in the first quarter of the year, according to US research firm Parks Associates.

The study found increasing consumer use of apps from TV channels and shows and reported a 75% satisfaction rate among those that did use TV content apps in the quarter.

The most common consumer activities with these apps were watching video, looking up information related to programs, and purchasing related music or merchandise, according to the TV Channel and Network App Users study. Viewers also used the apps to check broadcast dates and times.

The research found millennials to have “much higher” interest in programme and channel specific apps than older consumer segments, and said that shows aimed specifically at this audience – like Gossip Girl – were “wise to develop a robust app offering.”

“This ‘second-screen’ generation is accustomed to consuming content on multiple devices,” said John Barrett, director of consumer analytics, Parks Associates.

Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates added: “Companies in the television industry are experimenting with several approaches to TV-related apps for mobile devices. Some are already noting several benefits, including greater viewer immersion, the ability to appeal to viewers outside of the broadcast window, and new aspects to storytelling.…

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Verizon now supports Ubuntu Phone (Original)

Ubuntu Touch
Whether or not Ubuntu Touch would release for public consumption by its projected April 2014 date is certainly in question, but a bigger question was always if anyone major carrier would actually support it. Well, Verizon -- arguably the most major carrier -- has hopped on board.…

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Foxconn proves commitment to Firefox OS, will hire 3000 software engineers (Original)

Geeksphone Firefox OS phones
Manufacturing giant Foxconn clearly thinks Firefox OS is a horse worth backing. It’s going on a hiring spree and hopes to bring a whopping 3,000 software engineers into the fold. Certainly Foxconn would……

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Office 365 is finally available on the iPhone (Original)

Office Mobile for iOS has officially launched for iPhone. It supports document creation and editing in Word and Excel, as well as document viewing in PowerPoint, and syncs with SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud service.…

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First Jolla smartphone has found a carrier (Updated) (Original)

The Jolla smartphone, which became available as a pre-order towards the end of last month, has attracted sales from 118 countries around the world, getting the newcomer off to a good start.…

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Heard of Tizen? It may just become one of the top five operating systems this year (Original)

Tizen, one of a handful of open source operating systems debuting this year, will quickly become one of the top five in the world, according to on analyst. However, the dominance of Android and iOS will mean that it will still have a small number of users.…

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BMW creates the best smartphone vehicle performance and connectivity app we’ve ever seen (Original)

Many automakers offer vehicle connectivity smartphone apps and also in-car track driving information. None, however, has taken it to the level of precision of the soon-to-be-released BMW M Power App.…

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NFC payments now possible with microSD cards (Original)

The venerable microSD card slot might not be as common in smartphones as it once was, but it is still exceedingly more common than Near Field Communications (NFC) capability. The SD Association is……

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We stare at smartphones for an hour every day: Is Google Glass the cure? (Original)

According to a member of the Google team, smartphones are used passively and results in emasculating the user. But once Glass is released, it will supposedly result in more active mobile users.…

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Apple Bagged 57% Of $12.5B In Smartphone Profits In Q1; Android 43% – Samsung 95% Share Of That, “More Than Google” (Original)

Old Cash Register

Apple continues to lead both as the single-most profitable smartphone maker, and by default the most profitable platform, taking 57% of $12.5 billion in smartphone operating profits in Q1, according to figures out from Strategy Analytics today. Android took 43%, equating to $5.3 billion, Neil Mawston, chief analyst with the firm, tells TechCrunch.

The figures come as analyst houses are releasing various estimates for how smartphones have been selling in Q1. Strategy Analytics have published some numbers that tell the story in a different way.

Yes, Android is dominating smartphone sales (Gartner’s figures yesterday noted that Google’s platform took nearly 75% of all sales in the three month period). Yes, Samsung continues to widen its lead against Apple — now at 31% of all smartphone sales. But it still has a ways to go before it tops Apple, which has built its brand as the premium offering. (One possible reason why it has resisted up to now launching a low-cost, more cheaply made handset.)

Within the Android portion of smartphone profits, Samsung is taking ever the bigger lion’s share. Its $5.1 billion in operating profit works out to 95% of all Android revenues, and 40.8% of all smartphone operating profits overall.…

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