Wanna be a publisher? Flipboard 2.0 lets users create their own magazine (Original)

Flipboard has rolled out version 2.0 of its free news reader app, bringing with it a new feature that lets users create and share their own magazines. A new-look Content Guide, faster page flipping and sidebars with subsections have also been added.…

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Yahoo buys Summly news app from Brit teen for an estimated $30m – then closes it (Original)

Yahoo has just paid a 17-year-old Brit around $30 million for Summly, a news-reading app that uses an algorithm to summarize articles. The Web giant has already closed it down, with the intention of using its technology to overhaul its own news apps.…

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Microsoft to roll out Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, and People app updates (Original)

By adding the ability to toggle between email accounts, schedule meetings more easily, and filter social media posts, Microsoft made its Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, and People apps a lot more useful.…

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Evernote 5 hits Android with revamped camera, shortcuts and tweaked UI (Original)

Evernote 50 comes to Android with revamped camera, shortcuts and tweaked UI

Evernote has finally brought its Android client up to par with its iOS counterpart, pushing it to version five. The update, which just hit the Play store, includes a mild face lift that offers more contrast between notes and other UI elements, as well as a few new icons with a bit more depth and detail. The visual tweaks aren't particularly exciting, though. What has us rushing for the update button are all the new features, like the completely revamped camera interface. You can now take several images and add them all to a note in one shot. While a dedicated "page" camera helps you get the best results when snapping photos of hand-written missives by boosting contrast and removing shadows. Of course, the company thinks that feature works particularly well when paired with its branded Moleskin notebooks, but those are purely optional. The results from the couple of quick snapshots we took were bright clear and as legible as could be expected. Unfortunately there are continued issues with Evernote's text recognition, which tends to be slow for non-premium users.

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Source: Evernote (Google Play), Evernote Blog

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Evernote 5 Lands On Android With Updated Camera, UI Tweaks (Original)


Evernote has just updated its Android app to version 5.0, the same update that recently hit both iOS and Mac OS X. The update brings with it an updated UI, as well as a number of new features such as a Shortcuts page which pops up when you swipe left, and an updated camera.

Page Camera mode, in particular, should be a blessing to those of us who use Evernote to capture pictures of notes more than we do to actually take notes. It lets you snap photos of text, automatically adjusting settings to reduce shadow and increase contrast for legibility. The newly updated camera will also let users snap multiple shots and add them to a note all at once.

Version 5.0 also integrates with Evernote’s Smart Notebook by Moleskin products.

Premium users also get to enjoy some new goodies, namely in the form of Document search. Evernote will now search through attached documents, spreadsheets and presentations from the universal search.

While version 5.0 of Evernote hit both iOS and Mac OS X already, Android is getting a feature that iOS hasn’t enjoyed yet in the form of shortcuts.

Evernote has continued to expand into international waters, but struggled to get its UI in shape.…

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Evernote premium adds document search, Deutsche Telekom customers get one year free subscription (Original)

Evernote's premium tier adds document search feature, Deutsche Telekom customers get free subscription for a year

Evernote's premium package adds a bunch of extra features to the online jotter if you're willing to pay the price. Now though, if you've got a mobile, fixed-line or broadband contract with Deutsche Telekom, a deal between the companies means you'll be able to skip that 40 euro annual charge (around $52) and enjoy the power-user suite free for a year. Don't get down if you've already forked out, though, as current premium subscribers can just tag that extra year onto the end of their cycle. In addition, Evernote has added another feature for premium users worldwide it calls "Document Search," which'll rifle through various note-attached files created in MS Office, iWork or OpenOffice. If you happen to be on Deutsche Telekom's books, you can sign up for your free premium account at the link below. Then again, you've got until the back end of September 2014 to claim, so you could always clip this and get to it later.

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Source: Evernote (1), (2)

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Evernote Looks For Int’l Growth, Inks Strategic Partnership With Deutsche Telekom, Starting With 1-Year Premium Accounts In Germany (Original)


Evernote, the popular note taking and personal organizer app, today took another step in its strategy to ramp up its international presence, with news that it has inked a strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom, the German carrier that also owns T-Mobile. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed — we are asking — but for now the first part of the deal will mean that all DT customers in Germany will get one year of Evernote Premium service — a deal that usually costs €40 ($52) annually for additional storage space and other features. With DT claiming 37 million mobile and 22 million fixed line customers, the partnership potentially adds up to 60 million more users to Evernote’s platform.

To mark the new service, Evernote also said it is adding a new feature to the Premium account: now subscribers will be able to make document searches across Microsoft Office, iWork and OpenOffice documents that are attached to Evernote notes, bringing Premium a bit closer to Evernote’s Business product.

“We are excited to launch this new partnership with Deutsche Telekom, one of the most respected telecoms in the world,” said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, in a statement. “With it, we have the opportunity to enrich the memories of nearly 60 million DT subscribers with the ability to capture and recall everything that is important to them wherever they go.”

Evernote and DT say the offer is open for 18 months, and while it only gives users one year of Premium service, Libin has always been very confident of the trajectory for users of the service: those who use it tend to want to use it more, he has said, and those who like it will pay to use extra features.…

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Wake up! PowerPoint alternatives and tips to caffeinate your presentations (Original)

PowerPoint has become the go-to solution for public-speaking amateurs and pros alike, but the tired tool has also become like a lullaby for audiences everywhere. Use these software alternatives and pro tips to step up your game.…

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Best Google Reader alternatives (Original)

Google Reader is officially getting the axe on July 1, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. We've chosen some of the best RSS service alternatives so you can feel at home.…

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Google Keep, an Overdue Answer to Evernote, Arrives (Original)

Android users, take note: Google Keep -- a long-overdue app for creating lists and reminders -- is ready to help you organize your life.

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