Tired of Apple and Google? Meet the dark horse mobile OSes you’ve never heard of (Original)

Android and iPhone currently hold a near duopoly in the smartphone market, but four new entrants are trying to join the fight this year. Tizen, Firefox OS, Sailfish OS, and Ubuntu Phone will all be available by the end of the year. Do any of them stand a chance?

The post Tired of Apple and Google? Meet the dark horse mobile OSes you’ve never heard of appeared first on Digital Trends.…

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Heard of Tizen? It may just become one of the top five operating systems this year (Original)

Tizen, one of a handful of open source operating systems debuting this year, will quickly become one of the top five in the world, according to on analyst. However, the dominance of Android and iOS will mean that it will still have a small number of users.…

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Firefox OS tablet in the works? Mozilla and Foxconn set to unveil new device June 3 (Original)

Firefox OS creatorr Mozilla and manufacturing titan Foxconn have reportedly joined forces, with a Firefox OS device – rumored to be a tablet – set to be unveiled at a special event in Taiwan next week.…

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First Jolla smartphone will be revealed on May 20, could it be a QWERTY-slider? (Original)

Jolla has confirmed it will be holding a launch event for its first Sailfish OS phone on May 20, and has released a brief teaser video, which could - depending on how you look at it - drop the hint we could see a device with a physical keyboard.…

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It’s all change at Jolla, with new CEO appointed in preparation for the launch of its first phone (Original)

Jolla has announced a change in its management structure, with existing CEO Marc Dillon taking over software development, and a new CEO taking his place. This comes as the company is gearing up to announce its first phone later this month.…

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Mozilla doesn’t want you buying a Firefox OS phone just yet (Original)

geeksphone keon firefox os phone
Itching to buy a Keon or Peak from Geeksphone so you can play with Firefox OS? Put your wallet back in your pocket. Mozilla doesn’t want you buying a Geeksphone. Not unless you’re……

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Firefox OS developers phones sell out in hours, struggle to meet demand (Original)

A few hours after officially going on sale, the first batch of Firefox OS developer phones are listed as "out of stock" but more are on the way. Does this mean the Firefox OS is off to a good start?…

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The world’s first Firefox OS phones, the Keon and Peak, now available to pre-order with Geeksphone (Original)

The world's first Firefox OS phones, the Keon and Peak, are now available for pre-order with the Spanish startup Geeksphone. They're developer previews, so won't be heading to any networks, but they're competitively priced enough for you to consider if you're keen to try Firefox OS.…

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Firefox OS phones start shipping next week from $119 (Original)

Geeksphone Firefox OS phones
Spain’s Geeksphone will begin shipping the first Firefox OS phones next week. Geeksphone will have two models up for sale: the low-end Keon and mid-range Peak. Both will be sold unlocked and can……

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Smartisan OS launches in China, attempts to make Android simpler and easier to use (Original)

A new Android-based operating system, Smartisan, was unveiled at a recent event in China. The idea behind the OS was to clean up the look and simplify usage for all users.…

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