Xbox One vs. PS4: Which will reign as the streaming TV hub of the future? (Original)

Beyond all the exclusive games that are coming out for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which console will benefit your home theater the most? We break it down for you in our home theater showdown.

The post Xbox One vs. PS4: Which will reign as the streaming TV hub of the future? appeared first on Digital Trends.…

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Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype & Yahoo Hit With Prism Data Protection Complaints In Europe (Original)

Europe Vs Facebook

The European data protection activists behind the Europe v Facebook (evf) campaign group, that has long been a thorn in Facebook’s side in Europe, have filed new complaints under regional data protection law targeting Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype and Yahoo for their alleged collaboration with the NSA’s Prism data collection program.

The student activist organisation is targeting the European subsidiaries of these five U.S. companies, arguing that their corporate structure means they fall fully under European privacy laws despite being U.S. headquartered companies. And yet, being as they are U.S. companies, they are required to comply with U.S. surveillance laws — putting them in the “tricky” situation of having to comply with potentially conflicting legal requirements. It’s that legal conflict evf is now probing.

Evf takes the view that the law needs clarifying — and it using these new data protection complaints as the vehicle to obtain clarification from the various regional data protection agencies. Facebook and Apple; Microsoft and Skype; and Yahoo have subsidiaries in Ireland, Luxembourg and Germany respectively. ”We want a clear statement by the authorities if a European company may simply give foreign intelligence agencies access to its customer data. If this turns out to be legal, then we might have to change the laws,” noted evf speaker, Max Schrems, in a statement.…

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Microsoft And Oracle Will Announce Major Cloud Computing Partnership Next Monday (Original)


Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, its Azure chief Satya Nadella and Oracle’s president Mark Hurd are holding a joint press conference next week, just two days before Microsoft’s Build developer conference is scheduled to kick off in San Francisco. The press event follows Oracle’s earnings call that featured remarks by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison about a series of major partnership announcements next week, including one with

“Next week we will be announcing technology partnerships with the largest and most important SaaS companies (software-as-a-service) and infrastructure companies in the cloud,” Ellison said during the call.

With this press conference slated for Monday, questions are bubbling about what these companies have planned. Adding to the speculation: Oracle is starting to promote its 12c database technology, which the company announced last October and which Larry Ellison said today that companies will use for years to come. 12c is a pluggable in-memory database, which sounds strikingly similar to SAP HANA.

Industry observers I talk to say that it’s possible the two companies are planning their own big data initiative to compete with Pivotal and its mega-partnership with GE. Would that emerge as a separate company? That’s the path that EMC followed when it spun out several of its product groups and those from VMware.…

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Microsoft offering $100,000 to bring apps to Windows Phone 8 (Original)

In an attempt to bring more apps to its store, Microsoft is offering $100,000 or more to incentivize developers. The company realizes it needs a better store in order to really boost its customer base.…

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Office 365 is finally available on the iPhone (Original)

Office Mobile for iOS has officially launched for iPhone. It supports document creation and editing in Word and Excel, as well as document viewing in PowerPoint, and syncs with SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud service.…

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Office 365 Home Premium reaches 1 million subscribers in just over 100 days (Original)

Microsoft's new Office is the "best-selling" edition of the productivity suite, with Office 365 Home Premium signing up a million users in just 3.5 months since its launch on January 29, 2013.…

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Microsoft takes on living room with new Xbox (Original)

Microsoft has launched its next generation of Xbox games console, which will allow users to navigate and watch live TV from their cable, telco or satellite provider direct from the device.

The Xbox One, unveiled at a press event yesterday at Microsoft’s Redmond Washington headquarters, was billed as “the ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system,” acting as a hub for games, TV, movies, music, sports and Skype.

The new linear TV feature, which builds on the multimedia apps available on the current generation of Xbox 360, will enable live TV delivery on the console – either over the air, over the internet, or by connecting the device to another set-top box via HDMI.

Though Microsoft did not break down the specifics, it said: “The delivery of TV is complex and we are working through the many technologies and policies around the world to make live TV available where Xbox One is available,”

The Xbox One will also feature a home screen with tailored dashboard, designed to offer games, TV and entertainment. Skype for Xbox One will let users chat via their TV in HD, while the OneGuide will let users search for entertainment, with trending tools to also show what is popular with a users’ friends.…

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Take That, Gmail: Lets You Chat With Your Google Contacts (Original) is taking a major step to woo Gmail devotees by integrating Google Talk contacts into its webmail messenger service.

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Microsoft adds built-in Google Talk to and (Original)

Microsoft adds builtin Google Talk to Outlookcom and SkyDrivecom

Make no mistake, we don't just like; we love it. The problem with Microsoft's revamped email service, though, is that ditching Gmail can be a tough sell, as it's meant giving up features like built-in Gchat. At last, however, Microsoft is adding support for Google Talk, which means you can keep sending your friends dancing-parrot videos even after you make the switch. ( still does Facebook and Skype chatting too.) What's more, you'll find Gchat baked into -- a handy tool if you happen to be collaborating with Google users. To clarify, this feature is only coming to the Outlook and SkyDrive websites for now -- Dharmesh Mehta, Sr. Director of, told us Microsoft is still considering how GTalk might fit into its mobile apps. In the meantime, though, you can load up Outlook in your browser if you want a peek. And don't worry if nothing shows up right away: the company is warning users that the roll-out could take several days.

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Source: Microsoft

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Microsoft rumored to be making new streaming set top box (Original)

Always seemingly one step behind, the latest rumor has Microsoft looking to come to market with a new streaming set top box to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Roku and Boxee. It may also include Kinect and possibly something more with smart TVs.…

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