Instagram Introduces Photo and Video Embeds (Original)



Instagram added the ability to embed photos and videos on Wednesday

Users can find the embed button — available only on desktop — on the right side of public photos or videos. The button provides a code users can insert into blogs and articles.

Instagram, which added video capabilities in June, had lacked the embed feature — unlike rival video service Vine. Vine introduced the embed option in March. Instagram users who have their accounts set to private, however, won't see the embed option.

"Your embedded photo or video appears with your Instagram username, and clicking on the Instagram logo will take people to your page on where they can discover more of your photos and videos," Instagram said in an announcement Read more...

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5 million Instagram videos were shared in the first 24 hours (Original)

A whopping 5 million video clips were shared on Instagram in the first 24 hours and 40 hours of video per minute. Not a bad first day - and we're sure Vine has taken note.…

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Instagram Crosses 130 Million Users, With 16 Billion Photos And Over 1 Billion Likes Per Day (Original)


On stage at Facebook’s big mystery event, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom has just shared some new growth statistics for the photo-sharing platform.

Instagram now boasts over 130 million active monthly users. And that’s not all — there are over 16 billion photos on the service altogether, with over 1 billion likes given to users each day.

In February of this year, Instagram had just surpassed 100 million users. But much of that growth came with the introduction of an Android version of the application.

Originally, Instagram launched on iOS only, and had around 30 million users in the seventeen months of iOS exclusivity. A year later, over half of Instagram’s 100 million users are coming from Android.

In terms of volume as a photo-sharing network, Flickr surpassed 8 billion photos in May of this year. That should give you a pretty clear idea of the scale of Instagram usage thus far.

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Facebook Announces Video on Instagram (Original)

Facebook announced video on Instagram at a press event at its Menlo Park headquarters today. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says that on day one it will give 130 million people access to video.


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Indonesian Instagram-Clone PicMix Gets Monetization Right From The Start (Original)

picmix logo

At first glance, the similarities between PicMix and Instagram are obvious. Both apps are photo sharing platforms with simple, square Polaroid-esque aesthetics, and display photos from friends in streaming feed.

But while Instagram is figuring out how to monetize, Indonesian startup, PicMix seems to have nailed it from the get-go.

PicMix makes it part of the core photo posting process for users to add frame and text embellishments. Many of the frames included in the app are branded from labels (who have paid for the privilege) that users actually want to use on their photos. It’s not hard to imagine getting a user in Asia to willingly use a Hello Kitty or Louis Vuitton frame around their picture.

The company offers these frames to users as part of branding campaigns that are run by labels. They also put up photo competitions, and the criterion to enter is to use one of the branded frames around their photos. The visual impact of a frame or brand’s “sticker” on a photo is far more significant than hashtagging a brand.

Stickers and frames are catching the wave of users warming up to adding extra bells and whistles on their photos, beyond photo filters.…

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More people share photos on Snapchat than Instagram (Original)

Mary Meeker’s KPCB report indicates that photo sharing is accelerating,with Snapchat eclipsing Instagram in photo-sharing uploads.…

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Finally! A discovery engine for Instagram that lets you search by date and location (Original)

Seeing as how Instagram is a source for breaking news ProPublica developed Sinatra, an open source Ruby app for searching photos based on time and location.…

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The U.K. makes it OK for anyone to use your Instagram images (Original)

The U.K. has passed a bill that holds a rather damaging clause to photographers; orphaned photos can be licensed for commercial use. The vague law means that as long as a U.K. publisher tries to find the original owner of a photo, they can run it - even if said owner is never found. And those photos can come from anywhere, Great Britain and beyond.…

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Hands on: Latest SoundTracking update combines the joys of Instagram and instant music (Original)

You can be your group's music guru and provide everyone with a taste of your life's soundtrack with SoundTracking. The latest update to the app links it to Instagram, so you can attach your favorite tunes to your favorite filtered photos.…

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Hear that? That’s the sound of ads coming to Instagram (Original)

Facebook has moved Emily White over to Instagram with the task of finally making money on Facebook's investment. More specifically, that means advertisements will - in some way, shape, or form - be showing up on Instagram, whether you like it or not. And we're guessing you won't like it.…

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