Time Warner Cable eyes Hulu stake (Original)

huluTM_355_squareUS cable giant Time Warner Cable is reportedly considering taking an equity stake in video-on-demand site Hulu, according to several US reports.

Bloomberg reported that discussions between the firms are at an early stage, and said another, unnamed, pay TV company was also mulling a bid for the VOD site.

It claimed that a deal would make Time Warner a co-owner alongside Disney, News Corp and Comcast, who each own around a third of the business though Comcast gave up corporate control of the site as part of its NBCUniversal takeover deal.

Separately the Wall Street Journal reported that it was unclear whether Time Warner Cable was looking to take a minority stake in Hulu or launch an all-out deal, but said Hulu’s owners don’t see the cable operator as the most likely buyer. It too said at least one other pay TV operator was weighing an investment in Hulu.

A third report by the New York Post claimed that Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt has held talks with other cable TV providers about making a joint bid for Hulu. Such a move could turn Hulu into an authenticated online service for paying cable customers, the report said, and added that Hulu was keen for bids to be in by the end of next week.…

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Yahoo! in early talks with Hulu (Original)

huluTM_355_squareYahoo! has reportedly held preliminary talks with US video-on-demand site Hulu and is one of a number of firms considering making a bid for the business.

According to an All Things Digital report, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and COO Henrique De Castro recently met with top executives at Hulu and is looking at the business, though has not made a formal bid.

The news marks the latest deal speculation about the News Corp and Walt Disney-owned site, which is said to have reached out to potential bidders in March. Comcast, Hulu’s third co-owner, gave up corporate control of the site as part of its NBCUniversal takeover deal.

According to a Reuters report last month, former News Corp president and chief operating officer Peter Chernin reportedly tabled a US$500 million (€384 million) bid for US video-on-demand portal Hulu.

The digital arm of financial services business Guggenheim Partners and Amazon are also reported to be interested in the VOD site.

Yahoo! was also recently reported to have been in talks with French VOD site DailyMotion about taking a 75% stake in the business, before the French government expressed misgivings about a US firm taking over one of France’s few preeminent internet companies.

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Hulu Plus comes to Windows Phone today (Original)

Hulu Plus arrives on Windows Phone today

It was six months ago that Hulu Plus made its official debut on Windows 8 PCs and tablets. Now, Windows Phone users are about to suffer a similar loss of productivity. The WP8 app will be available today as a free download, featuring unlimited streaming and Live Tile support -- provided you're willing to fork out the standard $8 monthly subscription, that is. In any case, it should be available shortly, so keep a lookout. And as for all you Windows Phone naysayers, this means you now have one less reason to, well, say nay.

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Hulu doubles paid subscribers, now 4 million strong (Original)

Hulu has announced that it was able to sign up double the number of paid subscribers to its Plus service in just the last 12 months, with four million now paying monthly to view content on the popular platform.…

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Hulu Announces Adding 1 Million Paid Subscribers In Q1 2013; Streamed Over 1 Billion Videos (Original)


At today’s Hulu Upfront, the company offered an update on its online TV business, sharing that it had set records for revenue in Q1 2013, and had achieved a new milestone of having streamed over 1 billion videos in the quarter. Hulu’s paid, subscription-based business has grown as well, having doubled over the course of 2012.

As of Q1 2013, Hulu Plus, as the premium subscription business is known, passed 4 million subscribers up from 3 million in Q4 2012, and was also setting records for new subscriber additions, the company stated. A significant portion of this growth is coming from mobile, as consumers are switching away from the desktop to watch Hulu’s content on their portable devices, like smartphones and tablets.

In 2013 to 2014, Hulu estimates that mobile viewing will account for 15 percent of the video views on its network, despite having been a nonexistent business only two years ago. (Hulu was launched out of beta back in November 2010, originally on the desktop).

However, though mobile is becoming an increasingly important screen for viewing content, the company says its “living room” business is growing as well. The service currently works over a number of connected devices, including Apple TV, Roku, and game consoles like the Xbox 360, Wii, and the PS3.…

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Hulu: Paid subscriptions have doubled to four million in past year (Original)

Hulu Paid subscriptions have doubled to four million in past year

Hulu's future ownership may be in question, but the video streaming site is apparently doing fairly brisk business on the paid subscription front. During an advertiser event this morning, the site announced that it has managed to double its Hulu Plus accounts in the past year, up to four million. The site's revenue also hit a record for the first quarter of the year, though Hulu's not giving out any numbers. As with rivals Netflix and Amazon, the company's making a big bet on original programming, with a number of exclusive series, including the animated The Awesomes and western Quick Draw.

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Source: Hulu Blog

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Peter Chernin makes US$500m Hulu bid (Original)

Former News Corp president and chief operating officer Peter Chernin has reportedly tabled a US$500 million (€384 million) bid for US video-on-demand portal Hulu.  Chernin,… Read more

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Reuters: Media exec Peter Chernin bid $500 million for Hulu (Original)

Since the sun came up today it must mean that Hulu is up for sale, again. The latest extension to the sale rumors for the video streaming site is one from Reuters citing anonymous sources that indicates Peter Chernin, a former News Corp exec and Hulu board member has submitted a $500 million bid. There's no word on how big a stake he'd be interested in taking, but that's significantly lower than the reported $1.9 - $4 billion bids received from Dish and Google when the site was up for sale back in 2011. Of cours,e any sale price may vary on whether or not the acquisition come content included, but either way, we'd expect a few more possibilites to pop up before something (or nothing, like last time) happens. Of course, Peter Chernin was one of the folks pushing for a shorter theater to home release window and more TV on the Xbox, both of which have come to fruition in one form or another -- maybe he can make a deal happen.

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Source: Reuters

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Latest Hulu rumors suggest it could be up for sale, again (Original)

While viewers enjoy promotions like free Star Trek and Kurosawa, Hulu's owners are once again considering selling the video streaming site. The last bit of news was that News Corp and Disney were considering buying one another out, but according to Reuters, anonymous sources confirm that the board is reaching out to several potential buyers while it considers its options. Another possibility from Variety suggests that the two would remain as part owners, and welcome another party to join, perhaps CBS. This wouldn't be the first time Hulu's owners tried to sell the site however, as it went through the whole process -- without changing hands -- back in 2011. Perhaps this time, with a new CEO in place, all the companies involved can figure out what they want Hulu to be going forward.

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Source: Reuters, Variety

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Hulu Plus on Apple TV redesigned with simplicity and easy discovery features in mind (Original)

Hulu Plus on Apple TV redesigned with simplicity and easy discovery features in mind

It's not often that we see those services present on the Apple TV get tweaked, but today Hulu announced its Plus offering has been on the receiving end of a major design overhaul. Clearly taking a cue from Cupertino's own iTunes app on the tiny media box, the Hulu Plus redesign makes perfect use of a top navigation bar, which, as pictured above, lists familiar entries like TV, Movies, Kids, Latino, Queue and Search -- a nice visual (and useful) change when compared to what we've been become accustomed to since the app first arrived on the "hobby" platform. According to Hulu, the redesign was driven by the idea to bring quick access to what subscribers are trying to watch, as well as the thought of delivering an easier discovery experience which aims to help with finding new shows and making it easier to watch recent episodes of those that are already preferred. Apple TV owners running the latest firmware can play with the fresh UI now -- of course, that's for those who are already shelling out the required $8 monthly fee for Hulu's premium ware.

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Source: Hulu

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