Facebook reports $1.81 billion in revenue for Q2 2013, 1.15 billion monthly active users (Original)

Facebook's Q2 2013 earnings

Facebook saw its revenue grow year-over-year in its Q1 earnings reported in May, and that trend has continued for its second quarter. The company has just announced that it's pulled in $1.81 billion in revenue for Q2, beating analysts' expectations, while net income stood at $333 million. Of course, much of that money comes from ads: Facebook says that revenue from advertising now represents 88 percent of its total revenue, and that mobile advertising accounted for about 41 percent of its total advertising revenue for the quarter. Mark Zuckerberg highlighted that last bit in a statement, saying that "the work we've done to make mobile the best Facebook experience is showing good results and provides us with a solid foundation for the future."

In other numbers, Facebook also reported that it has 1.15 billion monthly active users as of June 30th, while its daily active users stood at 669 million. Mobile users were again its biggest growth area, with 819 million users actively checking in on their mobile devices each month (up 51 percent compared to the same quarter in 2012), and 469 million active on a daily basis. We'll keep you posted on any additional developments that may come out of the company's earnings call in the next hour.…

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Facebook’s Feature Phone Platform Scores 100M Users, Most In Emerging Markets (Original)

Facebook For Every Phone

Facebook announced that Facebook For Every Phone, a native app that works on feature phones, has been downloaded 100 million times.

Facebook For Every Phone is an essential part of the company’s global strategy because more feature phones than smartphones are used in developing markets like India, Indonesia and the Philippines. In fact, for many consumers, feature phones may be their main or only point of access to the Internet. Facebook only recently began selling ads on its feature phone platform and makes very little money that way, but extending into countries with rapidly developing tech ecosystem may help Facebook counterbalance its declining or stagnant traffic in countries such as the U.S. and UK.

Facebook had 751 million monthly active users on mobile as of March 31, 2013, an increase of 54% year-over-year.

Facebook For Every Phone includes the social network’s most popular features, including News Feed, Messenger and Photos. It is optimized to use less data than other Java apps and mobile sites, which is a boon for users on limited data plans. In addition, Facebook has partnered with mobile operators around the world to offer free or discounted data access to Facebook For Every Phone. The app is powered by Snaptu, a mobile platform that Facebook acquired in 2011.…

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Zynga, Facebook, and the rapidly approaching future of online social gambling (Original)

Facebook is launching gambling games in the U.K., which is great news for Zynga but bad news for people who hate getting badgered about Facebook games.

The post Zynga, Facebook, and the rapidly approaching future of online social gambling appeared first on Digital Trends.…

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Anchor is like Facebook for the workplace, launches today on iOS and the web (video) (Original)

Anchor is like Facebook for the workplace, launches today on iOS and the web (video)

We don't usually cover business software around these parts, but Anchor, a social networking app launching today on iOS, goes out of its way to look like a regular app. The brain child of a former GM of Flickr and ex-VP at AOL, it's sort of like Facebook, in that it allows coworkers to join groups, post status updates, upload photos (complete with filters) and like each other's activity. (In lieu of a thumbs up, you give someone a rock-on sign.) It also has built-in chat and contact cards, so in theory you could use it as a one-stop shop for communicating with coworkers instead of cobbling together various other apps.

You could even compare it to Yammer, the social network eventually bought by Microsoft, except Anchor's co-founders say the app is more about coworkers bonding with each other, than necessarily being productive. (Imagine that!) Again, it's available today for iOS (and the web too), with free lifetime membership if you get it before September 25th. It's also coming soon to Android and Google Glass, we're told. With no commitment you should give it a try -- the UI is extremely slick -- though we have to wonder if it's really that big a faux pas to friend your coworkers on Facebook.…

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Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype & Yahoo Hit With Prism Data Protection Complaints In Europe (Original)

Europe Vs Facebook

The European data protection activists behind the Europe v Facebook (evf) campaign group, that has long been a thorn in Facebook’s side in Europe, have filed new complaints under regional data protection law targeting Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype and Yahoo for their alleged collaboration with the NSA’s Prism data collection program.

The student activist organisation is targeting the European subsidiaries of these five U.S. companies, arguing that their corporate structure means they fall fully under European privacy laws despite being U.S. headquartered companies. And yet, being as they are U.S. companies, they are required to comply with U.S. surveillance laws — putting them in the “tricky” situation of having to comply with potentially conflicting legal requirements. It’s that legal conflict evf is now probing.

Evf takes the view that the law needs clarifying — and it using these new data protection complaints as the vehicle to obtain clarification from the various regional data protection agencies. Facebook and Apple; Microsoft and Skype; and Yahoo have subsidiaries in Ireland, Luxembourg and Germany respectively. ”We want a clear statement by the authorities if a European company may simply give foreign intelligence agencies access to its customer data. If this turns out to be legal, then we might have to change the laws,” noted evf speaker, Max Schrems, in a statement.…

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Facebook Announces Video on Instagram (Original)

Facebook announced video on Instagram at a press event at its Menlo Park headquarters today. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says that on day one it will give 130 million people access to video.


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Pipe App Finally Brings File Transfer to Facebook (Original)



After more than a year of teasing its service in beta and in invitation-only mode, a Facebook app called Pipe is finally launching this week to make file transferring easy and possible for the first time on the social network. It also has the potential to be a true game changer.

Berlin-based Pipe Dream Technologies aims to change the way people share on Facebook, allowing members to drag and drop music, documents, video and pictures into a virtual green tube that looks like the one from Super Mario Brothers franchise. On the other end, Facebook friends are able to receive these items in real time with Pipe, even if they don't have the app or aren't online. Read more...

More about Mobile, Facebook, Apps, Startups, and Small Business

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Facebook’s Growth Since IPO In 12 Big Numbers (Original)

Facebook Growth

$FB is still stuck at $26.25, way down from its $38 IPO price, but it’s made important progress since going public a year ago. Daily users up 26%, mobile monthly users up 56%, and revenue up 38% are some highlights. It’s running out of people to sign up in the developed world, but with this growth and no serious competitor in sight, it’s survived its hardest year yet.

  • Likes – 4.5 Billion – Up 67% – Average number of likes generated as of May 2013, up from 2.7 billion likes generated daily in August 2012
  • Content Items Shared – 4.75 Billion – Up 94% – Average number of content items shared daily as of May 2013, up from 2.45 content items shared daily in August 2012

[Stats and images provided by Facebook]

Likes and sharing are growing faster than Facebook’s user count, indicating strong engagement. This contradicts rumors that people are tuning out of Facebook. Zuckerberg’s Law, the CEO’s Moore’s Law-style theory, states that people will share twice as much every year. Facebook almost made good on Mark’s claim. It’s important that Facebook keeps that number growing as it’s shared content that keeps people visiting Facebook and seeing its ads.…

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Facebook phone is a flop! AT&T may discontinue HTC First (Original)

The first sign was a price drop to $0.99 just one month after it was launched, but now it's becoming even more clear that the HTC First is a massive flop. After a horrible sales performance, the HTC First may be removed from AT&T stores.…

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Facebook Messenger for iOS: now with stickers and message-deleting swipes (Original)

Facebook Messenger for iOS now with stickers and messagedeleting swipes

Facebook's been giving its Messenger app quite a few facelifts lately, with the arrival of Chat Heads and VoIP calling among the highlights. Today, an app update was released for iOS that lets users add stylized critter stickers to messages, freeing them from the crippling visual limitations of emoticons in textual communications -- largely identical to the recent Android update. The upgrade also enables a swipe to delete feature to remove conversations from inboxes for good, saving users precious fingertips from an extra tap or two in the process. If your iPhone hasn't already told you about version 2.4, you'll find the fresh download at the source below.

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