Spotify expanding into new markets, now live in Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia and more (Original)

Spotify expanding into new markets, now live in Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia and more

Rumors around the web have pegged Spotify for an impending expansion into more countries, with an official announcement purportedly slated for tomorrow. But it looks like the company's jumped the gun, as tips have begun to trickle in reporting the service as currently operational in Malaysia and Singapore. And it could be live in even more territories right now. A quick glance at Spotify's country selection page lists working sites for Mexico, Iceland, Hong Kong, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We've reached out to the company for official comment on the rollout and will update when we hear back. Regardless, if you're living in any of those nations mentioned above, your streaming music options just increased by one.

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Hisense aims to transform Smart TV experience, set new standard with VIDAA (Original)

HiSense is promising a new industry standard called VIDAA, which the company says will offer a Smart TV experience unlike anything that’s previously come to market. It's set to launch in China this week, but won't hit the U.S. until early 2014.…

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Hands-on with Piki, a music app powered by people, not algorithms (Original)

We got our hands on Piki, a social music player that like its Turntable predecessor that relies on its users to power its music recommendation engine.…

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Rostelecom expands interactive TV service (Original)

Russian telecom operator Rostelecom has expanded its interactive TV service across the entire Altai region in south Siberia. 

Rostelecom first began to provide access to small villages in this region in 2011 and with the latest expansion now serves 120 localities in the area.

Its interactive TV offering includes more than 100 channels and access to interactive services including social networks and entertainment portal for RUB230 (€5.60) per month. The firm also has direct licensing agreements with global content producers such as Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Disney, Sony Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox.

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Russian IPTV service launches Android app (Original)

Russian IPTV service KurskOnline has launched an app for Android devices. 

The app, available now, offers a range of channels also available on the regional TV service – which includes 95 digital TV stations from RUB150 (€3.65) per month.

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Google and T-Mobile are streaming Coachella live on YouTube April 12th – 14th (Original)

DNP Coachella broadcasting live on YouTube April 12th  14th

Dig hazy music festivals, but tickets to Coachella are too expensive? Don't fret, Google and T-Mobile may have the next best thing. For the third consecutive year the folks from Mountain View will air a free live stream of the show on YouTube. The remote festivities run from April 12th - 14th, giving you and your posse plenty of time to designate a device worthy of this broadcast. While some equipment may work better than others, you and your besties shouldn't have too much trouble finding a YouTube-friendly doodad that's up to the task.

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Twitter acquires We Are Hunted, Twitter Music app could launch this weekend (Original)

There was talk last month that Twitter had acquired music discovery service We Are Hunted. Both companies confirmed the news Thursday, with many observers expecting the imminent launch of a Twitter Music app (apparently Ryan Seacrest is already using it).…

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GTA radio brings its broadcasts to iTunes and Spotify (Original)

GTA radio brings its broadcasts on iTunes and Spotify

From Vice to San Andreas and on to Liberty City, Rockstar Games has digitally boxed up playlists for eight of its Grand Theft Auto titles which are now available on Spotify and iTunes. "As a service for all GTA fans" -- and to keep them chomping at the bit for the incoming sequel -- Rockstar has curated over 70 playlists from notable faux stations like Radio Espantoso, The Vibe 98.8 and K-Jah. The games studio was limited by the songs that were currently available, so there's a few omissions from both the streaming service and Apple's music store. Once you've got over that initial disappointment, head to Rockstar's site to sample the last ten years of GTA's drive-time listening.

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tyntec makes mobile OTT Play (Original)

Mobile interaction firm tyntec claims a partnership with Polish cellco Play breaks new ground by showing that mobile operators can compete in the over the top (OTT) market.

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AllThingsD: Twitter’s music app launches April 12th (update: music site, description appears) (Original)

AllThingsD Twitter's music app launches April 12th update music site appears

Hungry for the fruits of Twitter's latest acquisition? According to AllThingsD, you won't have to wait long. The usual unnamed sources have told the outlet that Twitter's new music app is due out this Friday, April 12th. True to We Are Hunted's roots, it's said the app will focus on music discovery, suggesting tunes and artists based on various factors, including who you follow on a certain social network. Soundcloud, iTunes and Vevo will apparently do the heavy lifting when it comes to music and video playback, though -- the app won't be a digital music store. Twitter itself is mum on details at this point, but we'll let you know if a little bird tells us anything.

Update: Twitter has now made a home for the new service, although we've not been able to sign in just yet. We're guessing that 'go live' switch will be flipped later today.

Update 2: In the applications section of your Twitter account, should you choose to allow #music access, you'll notice a blurb describing the application as, "Trending Music Web by [blank]" and a note detailing it as, "the web version of the trending music app." Well, look at that!

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