Netflix Spends $2B Per Year On Content, Primarily On Licensing Movies And TV Shows (Original)


Following up on their strong quarterly earnings report earlier this week, Netflix has just released a big ol’ mission statement document to their investor relations site, and it’s jam packed with all sorts of great lil’ details.

For example: you know how every Netflix customer’s first complaint is that there’s just not enough great streaming content on the service? They know — and they’re spending $2B a year to fix it.

The document is a rather painful 11 pages long, but here’s some of the more interesting stuff we’ve gleaned out of it so far:

On Spending:

- Netflix is currently spending $350 million per year to improve their services and apps
- More notably, they’re spending $2 billion per year on content licensing and original shows. The “vast majority” of this spending goes to licensing movies and prior-season TV shows, with a much smaller chunk of it going to their recent original content efforts.

On The Content They’re Choosing To License:

Netflix seems to be realizing that quality is better than quantity. For all of us who’ve killed an evening digging through all of Netflix’s offerings in search of that diamond in the rough, that’s great news.

As we’ve gained experience, we’ve realized that the 20th documentary about the financial crisis will mostly just take away viewing from the other 19 such docs, and instead of trying to have everything, we should strive to have the best in each category.

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Orange sees strong take-up for Livebox Play (Original)

Orange Livebox PlayOrange France saw a boost from its Livebox Play combined set-top and gateway offering in the first quarter, with over 300,000 subscriber signing up in the first two months. 

The service, which launched on February 7, priced from €39.90 a month as part of a new multi-play package, includes a range of new features, such as the ability to browse the internet and access multiple application stores, and interact on social networks direct from their TVs.

Orange France saw its TV customer base grow 14.3% year-on-year to the end of March to 5.208 million. The company reported 5.067 million TV subs at the end of last year.

Orange’s French fixed broadband customer base rose 2.7% year on year to 9.934 million subscribers at the end of the quarter. The company now has 206,000 fibre subscribers.

In Poland, Orange’s TV subscriber base grew by 5.4% year-on-year but fell quarter-on-quarter to 699,000 customers, while the broadband base remained stable year-on-year with 2.333 million subscribers. Orange Poland reported 706,000 TV customers at the end of December.

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CBS buys into TV streaming firm (Original)

CBS Corporation has bought a minority stake in Syncbak, a technology company that streams local TV stations across the web and to mobile devices.

Announcing the strategic move, CBS said it “expects to work closely with its owned and affiliated television stations as well as advertisers, rights holders, cable, satellite and telco partners in the coming months and years as Syncbak becomes fully activated and deployed.”

At the same time, CBS said Syncbak will continue to offer its platform to other broadcast networks and their station groups. Syncbak’s technology is currently being tested by more than 100 television stations in 70 markets, including major US networks like CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC and The CW.

The move follows CBS’s ongoing spat with Aereo, a firm that uses a similar TV channel streaming technology.

Last year Aereo was hit by lawsuits from 17 broadcasters including Fox, Univision, ABC, NBC, CBS, alleging that the service infringed their copyrights. They claimed that Aereo should not be allowed to retransmit television stations over the web without licensing the content from content owners or receiving consent from the TV signal owners.

However, earlier this month, a ruling by the second circuit court of appeals in New York upheld a previous decision, denying an injunction against the firm for distributing broadcast television over the web.…

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E! Entertainment HD to launch on Sky Deutschland (Original)

E! Entertainment HD is to launch on the Sky Deutschland platform at the end of this month. 

Global Listings will supply EPG services for the Comcast/NBC Universal-owned channel.

“E! Entertainment is delighted to be launching on Sky Deutschland. With our long-term partner Global Listings taking care of the EPG services for us, we can rest assured that all of the data will be correct, delivered on time and will meet Sky Deutschland’s requirements,” said Katharina Behrends, managing director, Universal Networks International Germany.

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Why Twitter Music Is Totally Going to Work (Original)

At first glance, Twitter?s entry into the music business today may be a bit of a head-scratcher. The service had barely launched before people were questioning why Twitter would even want its own music app. But really, it?s simple: Twitter Music is all about getting you to spend more quality time with Twitter. It?s about everybody?s favorite buzzword: engagement.

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iTunes is still the most popular way to buy music online (Original)

Despite the popularity of streaming services, purchases of digital music went up last year. That's definitely good news for Apple, with iTunes remaining the dominant music purchase platform online.…

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Deezer launches on Windows 8, streams music with Charms and Snaps (video) (Original)

Deezer streaming music launches on Windows 8

Deezer has had an obsession with new apps lately, redesigning its Android app and kicking off its mini-app platform on mobile devices. It's only fair that Windows 8 users get to join in with a new Deezer app of their own. The software offers the same mix of curated and on-demand streaming music as elsewhere, with a few accommodations for Microsoft's universe: listeners can use Charms to search or share their music, and multitaskers can rely on Snap to keep an eye on their tracks. Early Windows 8 adopters have free, ad-backed access to music for up to a full year, which is as good as incentive as any to give the app a whirl if they live in a Deezer-friendly territory.

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Nangu.TV names technology chief (Original)

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HBO and Cinemax come to Google Fiber, cable companies shaking in their boots (Original)

HBO and Cinemax come to Google Fiber, cable companies start shaking in their boots

Google Fiber has a lot going for it, both as an ISP and a pay-TV platform. There was was one gaping hole in the service though: no HBO. Lets be honest with ourselves, its the big geeks that are looking to hop on that 1Gbps service first. And what do geeks love almost as much as blazing-fast Google-branded internet? Game of Thrones. Now Kansas City (and soon Austin) based nerds will be able to watch Joffrey become an even bigger monster live, rather than wait for some torrent site to get an illegal copy of it up (or, if they're smart, mooch off of someone's HBO GO account). Alongside HBO, Google Fiber has also added Cinemax: Home Box Office's less cool sibling. The branded families of channels are both available today for $20 a month or $10 a month respectively. Or, if you're a real premium TV fan, you can get both, plus STARZ and Showtime for $40 a month. Hit up the source for a few more details.

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Twitter seeking TV content partnerships (Original)

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