Apple hits one billion podcast subscriptions via iTunes store (Original)

Eight years after bringing podcasts to its iTunes store, Apple has reached one billion subscriptions. The company is marking the milestone by highlighting a number of classic podcasts, as well as a selection of current and up-and-coming offerings.

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Apple may be planning Kinect-style controls for its rumored TV (Original)

Even though reports that Apple had acquired PrimeSense, the Israeli company behind the technology in Microsoft’s Kinect, were shot down, the very prospect of getting their hands on that kind of technology leads to some intriguing possibilities.

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Bring it! Samsung’s Boxee buy is a preemptive strike on Apple and other rivals (Original)

Spending $30 million cash to acquire Boxee is an investment for Samsung, and perhaps an aggressive move to improve what it can offer consumers in the living room by taking on Apple TV and Roku.

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Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype & Yahoo Hit With Prism Data Protection Complaints In Europe (Original)

Europe Vs Facebook

The European data protection activists behind the Europe v Facebook (evf) campaign group, that has long been a thorn in Facebook’s side in Europe, have filed new complaints under regional data protection law targeting Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype and Yahoo for their alleged collaboration with the NSA’s Prism data collection program.

The student activist organisation is targeting the European subsidiaries of these five U.S. companies, arguing that their corporate structure means they fall fully under European privacy laws despite being U.S. headquartered companies. And yet, being as they are U.S. companies, they are required to comply with U.S. surveillance laws — putting them in the “tricky” situation of having to comply with potentially conflicting legal requirements. It’s that legal conflict evf is now probing.

Evf takes the view that the law needs clarifying — and it using these new data protection complaints as the vehicle to obtain clarification from the various regional data protection agencies. Facebook and Apple; Microsoft and Skype; and Yahoo have subsidiaries in Ireland, Luxembourg and Germany respectively. ”We want a clear statement by the authorities if a European company may simply give foreign intelligence agencies access to its customer data. If this turns out to be legal, then we might have to change the laws,” noted evf speaker, Max Schrems, in a statement.…

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Apple TV Finally Gets HBO GO And WatchESPN, iTunes Shoppers Now Buying 800K TV Shows Per Day (Original)


Apple has added two major new content sources to Apple TV today, via HBO GO and WatchESPN integration. The new streaming services adds a considerable selection of content to the company’s streaming content device, bringing the HBO GO library to the platform, which offers HBO’s entire content library to cable subscribers who have the channel as part of their TV package.

WatchESPN likewise offers additional content, including live programming from the sports network, including major golf tournaments, Barclays Premier League, U.S. college sports, tennis and more, as well as recorded shows and access to ESPN cable channel content. Like HBO GO, it’s also available to existing subscribers who have the channel as part of their cable package.

Apple also added three new content partners, including Sky News, Crunchyroll and Qello to Apple TV at the same time. This brings some prime international content to the platform, from the UK, Ireland, Japan and other parts of Asia. Qello offers streaming of HD concerts, concert films and documentaries, a nice fit for Apple’s efforts with iTunes music sales via iTunes.

Speaking of iTunes, the company also announced that its users have managed to purchase content at a rate of over 800,000 TV shows per day (with over 1 billion total to date), and over 350,000 movies per day (topping 380 million since iTunes started selling them) at this stage, which is a staggering number when you consider the going rate for each isn’t exactly cheap.…

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Office 365 is finally available on the iPhone (Original)

Office Mobile for iOS has officially launched for iPhone. It supports document creation and editing in Word and Excel, as well as document viewing in PowerPoint, and syncs with SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud service.…

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Tunebox Is An iTunes Match-Like App For Dropbox Music Files (Original)

Now playing

When Dropbox bought Audiogalaxy late last year, industry observers wondered if the cloud music player startup could turn into a new audio streaming product. But Audiogalaxy was promptly shut down, and the team is rumored to be working on other Dropbox projects.

And so, a largish niche has emerged for apps that stream DRM-free music files for Dropbox users. DropTunes has a well-regarded web player, but mobile is the main use case for most people, and Tunebox has been a standout among the eight or so apps available for iOS. Available since late 2011, it already streams songs automatically instead of requiring you to download files from Dropbox to your phone like most of the others.

The new 2.0 version completes developer Phil Kast‘s* goal of providing an iTunes Match-type service for Dropbox users, in that you can now save files to your device and play them in offline mode. Just tap the icon next to a song or album to save it, and swipe to remove it if you want to free up storage space on your device.

Tunebox had already done a relatively good job of sorting through song metadata in Dropbox to organize files in its interface.…

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Get your iDrive on: Apple slots Siri into the dashboard of a dozen automakers (Original)

Apple has partnered with a dozen automobile manufacturers to bring the chatty hands-free assistant Siri to potentially millions of dashboards. Outside of basic iPod and iPhone connectivity for music and phone calls, Apple has lagged behind Microsoft and others in getting a toehold in cars’ infotainment systems. That will be changing soon, following the announcement of “iOS [...]…

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Apple Announces iWork for iCloud (Original)



Apple showed off iWork for iCloud at WWDC 2013, a version of iWork that runs in the cloud — and in the web browser.

iWork for iCloud looks like a cross between Office 365 and Google Docs. It has the user-interface polish of some of Microsoft's Office 365 web offerings and the speed of some of Google's offerings.

With iWork for iCloud, users will be able to create and edit documents on Macs, iOS devices and web browsers on which those apps aren't even installed, which presumably includes Chrome on Android. During the keynote, a representative from Apple demonstrated how a Windows 8 user can edit a document in Chrome or Internet Explorer. Read more...

More about Wwdc, Mac, Safari, Iwork, and Icloud

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Apple’s App Store Hits 50 Billion Downloads, 900K Apps, $10 Billion Paid To Developers; iTunes Now With 575M Accounts (Original)


One of the more interesting metrics to regularly emerge from Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is the one illustrating the growth of its app ecosystem. Today, the company revealed the latest figures, announcing a total of 50 billion total downloads from the Apple App Store, up from the 30 billion to date it announced last June, and still just ahead of Google Play’s recently touted 48 billion. There are now 900,000 iOS applications available for download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, with 375,000 designed specifically for iPad.

In June 2012, Apple said there were then 650,000 iOS applications, 225,000 built for iPad. And that was up from 425,000 iOS apps in 2011, when just 90,000 were iPad-ready. Apple also announced today there are 575 million paid customer accounts on iTunes, from people who can buy those apps.

Again the company made the point today that the app ecosystem is a financial boon to its developer community, too, saying that it has now paid out over $10 billion to third-party app developers. Apple paid developers $5 billion in 2012$2.5 billion in 2011 and $1.5 billion in 2010 (to date), to give you an idea of the growth in years past.…

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