Amazon Cloud Drive tacks on file syncing, flexes its digital storage muscle (Original)

DNP Amazon steps its game up, adds file sync to Cloud Drive

After nearly a year on the market, Amazon has finally blessed its Cloud Drive apps for Windows and Mac with a file syncing folder. Starting today, users can access their documents, music and photos across multiple computers -- a feature that we've seen from the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive for quite some time. While this feature is far from groundbreaking, it does manage to make Amazon's service a respectable alternative to cloud storage's reigning heavy hitters. Toss in its 5GB of free storage and Cloud Drive could become a worthy contender for those who are looking for a new or additional place to house their digital collections.

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Amazon’s Cloud Drive Takes on Dropbox With File Syncing (Original)



Is Amazon gunning to replace Dropbox and Google Drive? Its latest file-syncing feature for its Cloud Drive service may indicate so.

The online retailer announced on Monday users of its Cloud Drive Desktop app will now be able to access files such as music, movies and documents across multiple computers and mobile devices.

Although the app launched for Windows and Mac in May 2012, the lack of file-syncing prevented it from becoming a true Dropbox killer in the past.

With the app, files automatically stored and can be accessed on other computers with Cloud Drive installed

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Google All but Officially Admits It Wants to Be Amazon (Original)

For the past several months, Google has danced coyly around the question of exactly how deep it wants to dip into the world of shopping. But its official confirmation this week of its long-rumored same-day retail delivery service signals a crystal-clear intention: Google wants to be Amazon.

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Amazon’s cloud is ready to burst, and it’s full of sensitive and personal materials (Original)

If you think extra precaution is not necessary when it comes to backing up files online, think again. A security expert found that a shocking amount of users were properly protecting their stored files, exposing incredibly private information in the process.…

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Amazon expands X-Ray to include popular TV shows on its Instant Video platform (Original)

Amazon has expanded its X-Ray feature to include many popular TV shows available on its Instant Video platform, including Justified, Downton Abbey, Sons of Anarchy, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Lost, Glee, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.…

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Rumor: Amazon’s possible Kindle smartphone may sport a 4.7-inch display (Original)

Rumors of an Amazon Kindle smartphone are back, this time with talk of the device's prospective screen size. After a last minute change in this area, the phone may be on track for a late 2013 launch.…

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Strategy Analytics: iCloud, Dropbox and Amazon top cloud media in the US (Original)

Strategy Analytics iCloud, Dropbox and Amazon top cloud media in the US

We often focus on market share for hardware, but cloud media services increasingly dictate our lives after the devices have reached our bags and pockets. Wouldn't it be nice to know who rules the online media landscape? According to Strategy Analytics' just-published study from the fall, it's Apple's iCloud and iTunes Match that are top dogs in the US at a combined 27 percent of usage -- a not entirely surprising lead when Apple has pushed hard on iCloud's media syncing since iOS 5, and has large swaths of market share in MP3 players and tablets, not just smartphones.

There's a considerably tougher fight involved for just about everyone else, however, including Google. Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Player are almost neck-and-neck at 17 and 15 percent respectively, while Google Drive holds just 10 percent. Music is clearly the driving force, Strategy Analytics says: when audio represents 45 percent of the content on a generic platform like Dropbox, companies ignore tunes at their own peril. Just don't confuse market share with absolute popularity. A full 55 percent of those asked hadn't used a cloud media service at all, which suggests that there's a long road to travel before we're all streaming and syncing our collections.…

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Amazon Cloud Storage Clone Goes Open Source (Original)

Riak CS is a file system designed to be fully compatible with Amazon's popular cloud storage service, S3. It can be used to create private Amazon-style storage systems in your own data center, to build public services that compete with Amazon, or to power web applications of your own creation. And as of Wednesday, it's open source.

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