Zynga, Facebook, and the rapidly approaching future of online social gambling (Original)

Facebook is launching gambling games in the U.K., which is great news for Zynga but bad news for people who hate getting badgered about Facebook games.

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Cloud-Based Code Editor Codeanywhere Raises $600k In Series A Funding (Original)

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 13.10.41

Cloud-based Code Editor Koding has raised $9.25 million so far, while other similar businesses like Cloud9 IDE have appeared in recent years. However, Codeanywhere, one of the biggest players in the cloud development space has now reached 150,000 users and raised $600,000 in a Series A investment capital from World Wide Web Hosting, LLC, the parent company of Site5 Web hosting. The cash will be used to focus on scalability, user acquisition, and the development of new features. Importantly, it can build in a more capitally efficient manner than the SF-based Koding.

Formerly called PHPanywhere, Codeanywhere wants to be the equivalent of “Google Docs for developers”, offering a Web-based code editor. The technology allows developers to develop sites and apps as they would on their desktop code editor, but from any browser. The Code is then backed up to the cloud in real-time.

Ivan Burazin, co-founder of Codeanywhere, says the aim to so “become the industry-standard in cloud development.”

Codeanywhere’s platform enables developers to write colorized, syntax-checked code from virtually any Web browser on virtually any device, including iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry. It offers support for most popular web programming languages, and enables developers to collaborate in real-time.…

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Intel reportedly prepping OnCue TV brand name (Original)

Intel logoIntel’s forthcoming TV service will reportedly launch under the name OnCue after applying for brand trademarks around the world.

According to a GigaOM report, Intel, through a shell company called Sest, has registered OnCue trademarks in countries including the US, Canada and Mexico – as well as in Europe.

Intel is also reportedly using integrated communications agency OMD to help develop and lead the launch of the OnCue OTT TV service.

According to reports last month, Intel is trailing its forthcoming TV product among some 2,000 company employees and has started to build a call-centre operation ahead of the launch.

The subscription set-top service is expected to deliver live TV, catch-up and additional content over the web and roll out later this year.


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Set-top shipments to hit record highs (Original)

Set-top box shipments will set record highs in 2013 and the next two years, climbing 8% this year alone, according to new research by IHS.

The Set-Top Box Market Monitor report claims that shipments of set-tops for cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV digital TV services are set to reach 269 million units this year, up from 250 million in 2012.

This year is also tipped to be “the most valuable year in the history of the market” with STB revenue tipped to grow to US$22.2 billion (€17 billion).

In 2014, shipments are will grow by another 6% to 286 million and will increase by a further 1% in 2015 to 290 million – a market peak for “the foreseeable future” – according to IHS.

After this, shipments are expected to start to decline, decreasing by 5% in 2016 and by another 2% in 2017.

Daniel Simmons, senior principal analyst for TV technology at IHS, said that operators’ growing emphasis on supporting multiscreen devices means that the STB is under threat as the dominant pay TV video consumption device.

“However, operators are continuing to deploy STBs in order to manage the compatibility between their delivery networks and the consumer electronics devices that consumers are increasingly using to view content now,” he said.…

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Xbox One vs. PS4: Which will reign as the streaming TV hub of the future? (Original)

Beyond all the exclusive games that are coming out for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which console will benefit your home theater the most? We break it down for you in our home theater showdown.

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Google Explains Why Its Cloud Service Is Different When It Comes To Lock-In (Original)

Image (1) google_appengine.png for post 15888

A Google engineer concluded on his Google+ page last week that a cloud platform can’t be built without some form of lock-in. That’s evidently true but there really is one main reason for making such a point. Google wants to show that it is not much different from its competitors when it comes to this hot topic with cloud customers.

The post by Google Engineering Director Peter Magnusson has to be read with a dash of skepticism. Magnusson does focus on the lock-in issue with Google App Engine (GAE), but he also uses the topic to show the difference between its managed services and the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from a provider like AWS. He says without restrictions Google could not offer the service that it does. What they do try to do is offer alternatives such as from services like AppScale.

Reading into what Magnusson says, it appears that some customers are not accustomed to the restrictions that come with Google App Engine: The run-time environment is different and customers can’t make systems calls, write directly to the file system, or choose their own operating system.

In the end, Magnusson says that lock-in is inevitable for Google to offer the service that it does with GAE:

You can’t build an innovative platform without some measure of lock-in.

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Shazam moves beyond music: How a simple tagging app could be the next big thing (Original)

Shazam has been around for more than a decade, but thanks to some bold moves, it is quickly becoming one of the hottest companies to keep an eye on, and one of the coolest services to try out, because of its advances in autotagging and TV.

The post Shazam moves beyond music: How a simple tagging app could be the next big thing appeared first on Digital Trends.…

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JVC launches flagship BlackSapphire XL 3D HDTV line with Netflix, Slingbox client (Original)

JVC launches flagship BlackSapphire XL HDTV line with builtin WiFi, passive 3D

JVC's been trying to get back into the HDTV game via its recent partnership with Vizio maker Amtran, and just took another big step by unveiling the flagship BlackSapphire SL series. The new models boast high-end touches like tiny bezels, ultra-thin profiles and an edge-lit LED "adaptive backlight." You'll also get built-in WiFi, SmartTV with apps like Netflix, Pandora and a Slingbox client, Xinema-Sound audio with simulated surround-sound, and passive 3D with four sets of included glasses. Interestingly, JVC decided to launch the series with rather small 42-inch and 47-inch models, though Amtran told CNET that larger sizes are also in the works. Also unusual in a flagship is three-digit pricing: $799 for the smaller SL42B-C and $899 for the SL47B-C. Considering the sticker shock we've had lately, however, we're all for keeping things small in that regard. Both models will be up for grabs later this summer.

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Source: CNET

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Verizon now supports Ubuntu Phone (Original)

Ubuntu Touch
Whether or not Ubuntu Touch would release for public consumption by its projected April 2014 date is certainly in question, but a bigger question was always if anyone major carrier would actually support it. Well, Verizon -- arguably the most major carrier -- has hopped on board.…

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Hulu off the market: Fox, Disney and NBC to maintain ownership (Original)

Hulu off the market

Well, we've been waiting to hear who would wind up purchasing the struggling Hulu, and now we know -- nobody! Instead the service will see an infusion of cash totaling $750 million from its current owners. Hulu has actively courted new owners on multiple occasions, and it seemed as if this time a deal was imminent. Both Yahoo and DirecTV were in the running allegedly but, for whatever reason, Fox, NBC and Disney found their offers lacking. It's unclear right now whether the issue was over asking price or future plans for the service, but the cabal behind Hulu will instead sink more money into the property to try and grow its subscriber base further. This is turning into something of a habit for the uneasy partnership, one that is quickly turning Hulu into the boy who cried wolf. The official press release awaits, after the break.

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