Zee’s OTT service Ditto to hit one million users (Original)

The Siemens-powered over-the-top offering from India’s Zee Entertainment Enterprises is now approaching one million customers, according to Stefan Jenzowsky, head of the multimedia business unit, Siemens Communications.

Speaking at the Connected TV World Summit in London, Jenzowsky said that the 2012-launched service would soon reach one million users after ramping up from 100,000 last year, and had an addressable market of more than 500 million Zee TV viewers.

He added that viewers were now watching around 40 minutes of content on the service each day and that “by the end of the year our prediction is we will cover one hour of the daily consumption of a TV user on our service.”

Zee New Media, the digital arm of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, launched Ditto TV with 21 channels last year, in a bid to offer live TV channels and on-demand video to consumers on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, entertainment boxes and connected TVs – both in India and globally in markets like the UK, UAE and Australia.

Zee TV, the flagship channel of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, first launched in October 1992 and now has a reach of more than 670 million viewers across some 169 countries.

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Smart television usage remains relatively low (Original)

Consumer awareness of smart televisions and what they can do remains relatively low. While 13% of homes in the United Kingdom now have a smart television, up 2% since Christmas, only half of them use one as the main way of accessing online services on their television. Recent research from YouGov suggests that people are still more likely to use a computer or set-top box to connect their television to the internet.


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Facebook’s Growth Since IPO In 12 Big Numbers (Original)

Facebook Growth

$FB is still stuck at $26.25, way down from its $38 IPO price, but it’s made important progress since going public a year ago. Daily users up 26%, mobile monthly users up 56%, and revenue up 38% are some highlights. It’s running out of people to sign up in the developed world, but with this growth and no serious competitor in sight, it’s survived its hardest year yet.

  • Likes – 4.5 Billion – Up 67% – Average number of likes generated as of May 2013, up from 2.7 billion likes generated daily in August 2012
  • Content Items Shared – 4.75 Billion – Up 94% – Average number of content items shared daily as of May 2013, up from 2.45 content items shared daily in August 2012

[Stats and images provided by Facebook]

Likes and sharing are growing faster than Facebook’s user count, indicating strong engagement. This contradicts rumors that people are tuning out of Facebook. Zuckerberg’s Law, the CEO’s Moore’s Law-style theory, states that people will share twice as much every year. Facebook almost made good on Mark’s claim. It’s important that Facebook keeps that number growing as it’s shared content that keeps people visiting Facebook and seeing its ads.…

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Google Announces It Has Reached 900M Android Activations, Sundar Pichai Calls It “Most Popular Mobile OS In The World” (Original)


Today, Google announced that its Android operating system has reached 900M activations. This is a 500M increase from last year’s announcement. At one point, Google said that it was experiencing 1M Android activations a day.

These activations have brought in 48M app installs for developers who have launched on Google Play, which is why the I/O conference exists. As we noted yesterday, Google is making its move to try and sway developers to select their OS first, rather than its competitor Apple.

Android and Chrome boss, Sundar Pichai, took the stage and discussed how far Google has come with Android:

Android started with a simple goal to bring open standards to the world. Today, it is the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

The company was quick to point out that there are 7B people in the world, so they have a long ways to go as far as installations.

As Google gets more distribution through different types of devices, be it smartphones, tablets, video game systems or Glass, the open nature of the platform is clearly working. Getting into emerging markets will also be easier for Google, as its operating system can be placed onto lower-end devices and doesn’t require new yearly phone launches to start the distribution cycle again.…

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New carrier Zact hopes to take the evil out of smartphone data plans (Original)

Zact takes the sticker shock out of upgrading from feature phones to smartphones by allowing customers to design a wireless plan based on their exact needs -- including no data, no voice, or no texts -- for a low price.…

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Global HD viewing expected to explode over next four years (Original)

Samsung TVThe proportion of global TV households watching HD programming is expected to grow from under 14% at the end of last year to almost 42% by the end of 2017, according to Informa Telecoms & Media’s latest Global HDTV Forecasts report.

Informa Telecoms & Media predicts that the number of active HD households will rise to over 600 million globally by 2017, with Asia Pacific emerging as the biggest HD market by that date, followed by North America and western Europe.

The report says that penetration of HD-ready TV sets had gown rapidly since 2005, when equipment was present in just 3% of TV homes, with growth driven by reduced prices, growth in the number of channels and the inclusion by TV manufacturers of HD as a standard feature.

It said that by 2017 several countries could be approaching the point where almost all viewers would be watching HD content, leading to the possibility of a standard definition switch-off and the possibility of introducing a new generation of high-definition technologies.

Informa’s report includes statistics and forecasts for 53 countries for the 2005-17 period, defining active HDTV households as those with an HD set watching HD broadcasts.

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Tablet sales on the rise, to surpass PCs by end of year (Original)

Analyst Sameer Singh is forecasting bad news for PCs, and expects tablet devices to overtake them in sales sometime in the next few months. By the end of 2013, tablets may be more popular than their PC counterparts.…

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Study shows iPhone and iPad account for the bulk of mobile Web traffic (Original)

A new study shows that, despite being the most prolific OS, Android users generate half the amount of Web traffic as iOS users. However, the study only looked at U.S. data and a small pool of just 10 Web sites.…

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Google smartwatch patent suggests dual touchscreens (Original)

A patent submitted by Google suggests that its first smart watch release could possibly include dual touch screens. It includes a slew of other innovative features, though they may not all be made available when the first model is released.…

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Both DTH and Now TV growing in parallel, says Sky commercial chief (Original)

Rob Webster

Rob Webster

Both BSkyB’s new over-the-top service Now TV and its traditional DTH pay TV business produced growth in the last quarter, according to the pay TV operator’s commercial group director, Rob Webster.

Speaking at the DTG Summit in London yesterday, Webster said both Now TV and DTH had produced growth.

“TV growth is TV growth. We don’t see a need to split them out,” he said. “We are very focused on a multi-product growth strategy. ARPU is growing and it doesn’t matter where it’s from.”

Sky recorded a modest growth of 30,000 in new TV subscribers in its latest quarterly results, with the total now standing at 10.38 million. However, it did not break out figures for its Now TV OTT service, which it launched last year and now offers Sky Movies and Sky Sports content. Some industry analysts had expected flat or negative DTH growth for the first time.

Webster said that the increased churn Sky reported in its latest results could be attributed in part to the economic downturn. “People have less money in their pocket and there is seasonality,” he said.

Webster said Sky would continue to build the Now TV offering following its addition of ‘day passes’ for the Sky Sports service.…

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