Are cable companies breaking the law to keep Internet TV down? (Original)

If you've ever wondered why most online television providers are particularly limited with their choice of programming, the answer may have something to do with the traditional cable and satellite providers, who might have reason to be nervous.…

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Pay TV homes to reach one billion by 2018 (Original)

Digital TV Research logoGlobal pay TV households are expected to reach almost one billion by 2018, up from 772 million in 2012, according to the latest report by Digital TV Research.

According to the Digital TV World Household Forecasts report, The Asia Pacific region will account for 59% of pay TV homes by 2018, with China expected to be the world leader with 313 million subscribers, followed by India with 158 million. Together with the third-placed US’s expected 107 million pay TV homes, the top three countries are expected to account for 58% of global pay TV households.

The other members of the pay TV top 10 in 2018 will be Russia, with 32.3 million subscribers, Brazil with 30.5 million, Japan with 27 million, Germany with 23.1 million, Mexico with 19 million, South Korea with 16.9 million and the UK with 16.3 million.

Digital TV Research estimates that global analogue and digital pay TV penetration reached 53.6% at the end of 2012 and this is expected to rise to 63.1% by 2018, ranging from 86% in North America to 29% in the Middle East and Africa.

The global pay TV penetration leader in 2018 is expected to be the Netherlands, with close to 100% penetration.…

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YouTube sees growth in mobile viewing (Original)

Four out of ten YouTube views in the United States and one in four worldwide are now on mobile devices. YouTube now receives over a billion views a day on handheld screens. With the rapid rise in adoption of smartphones and tablets, online video is increasingly being viewed on smaller screens, a trend that is likely to continue.


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Heard of Tizen? It may just become one of the top five operating systems this year (Original)

Tizen, one of a handful of open source operating systems debuting this year, will quickly become one of the top five in the world, according to on analyst. However, the dominance of Android and iOS will mean that it will still have a small number of users.…

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Most mobile TV viewing happens at home (Original)

New research has shown that most viewing of TV content on mobile devices happens in the home. A Council for Research Excellence study into mobile viewing found that 82% of tablet and 64% of smartphone TV viewing happened at home.

Other key takeaways in the TV Untethered report include the fact that over 40 million consumers in the US are now watching TV content on mobile devices.

By genre, drama is the most popular, accounting for 31% of tablet viewing and 27% on smartphones. Comedy was second with 20% and 24% of all viewing across tablets and phones.

In family homes, the research suggested that mobile devices are being used to allow different family members to view different programmes at the same time.

Convenience and multi-episode binge viewing are driving mobile viewing, the report authors added, while ad avoidance is not a primary motivator, the Nielsen-backed Council for Research Excellence noted.

The study took in information from 6,000 participants. Chris Neal , VP at Chadwick Martin Bailey, which conducted the research said: “Today’s mobile devices are having a screen multiplier effect within households, leading to an increase in overall TV consumption. They are not replacing television sets, but they are impacting TV viewing habits in a way that is too fundamental for anyone in the media and advertising industries to ignore.”

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More than 50% of firms turning to cloud for growth, study says (Original)

Trend presents opportunities for hosting providers

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Cisco forecasts massive growth in online video traffic (Original)

Cisco forecasts that global internet protocol traffic will grow three-fold by 2017, by which time it expects there will be 3.6 billion internet users, or nearly half the projected population of the world. Nearly 70% of all consumer internet traffic will be video, with the equivalent of 5 million years of video viewing crossing the internet every month. These are just some of the staggering statistics provided by Cisco in the latest update to its global forecasts for internet traffic.


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Double retina: iPhone 5S reported to pack twice the pixels (Original)

iPhone 5S
Apple’s display technology is expected to leapfrog the competition once again as a new report claims the iPhone 5S will pack 1.5 million pixels. While the “S” version is traditionally seen as a……

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Firefox OS tablet in the works? Mozilla and Foxconn set to unveil new device June 3 (Original)

Firefox OS creatorr Mozilla and manufacturing titan Foxconn have reportedly joined forces, with a Firefox OS device – rumored to be a tablet – set to be unveiled at a special event in Taiwan next week.…

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Multiscreen viewing hits 62% (Original)

Mobile web users now spend more time per day consuming media on their mobile device than on TV, with 62% engaging with a second screen while watching TV, according to a new study by mobile ad network InMobi. 

The global study, which quizzed 15,000 mobile web users in 14 markets, found that respondents spent an average 108 minutes consuming media on their mobiles per day, compared to 93 minutes online and on PC and 92 minutes on TV. Tablet consumption ranked at 37 minutes per day.

InMobi also said that 62% of mobile web users indulge in multi-screen activities while viewing TV. Among those aged 20-34, second-screen viewing was even higher at 69%.

Social media is the most likely activity that a consumer will participate in while ‘multi-screening’ at 48%, the study found. Some 30% said they play games or listen to music and 18% said they search for additional information about products seen on TV.

“The growing trend of multi-screen viewing provides a valuable opportunity for marketers to connect with television viewers through mobile devices.  TV viewers are already using mobile devices while they watch programs on the big screen, and they seem to be looking for ways to augment the experience through their tablets and smartphones,” said InMobi’s VP of global marketing Shrikant Latkar.…

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