Quickoffice on Android and iPhone now free for Google Apps for Business users (Original)

Quickoffice on Android and iPhone now free for Google Apps for Business users

Quickoffice for iPad became a free perk for Google Apps business subscribers back in December, and now Mountain View has extended the offer to its Android app, and made its iPad application iPhone-compatible. By wielding the office suite, users can edit, create and view Excel, Word and PowerPoint files that reside on Google Drive. In addition to going gratis, the software has been tweaked to show Drive folders such as Recent, Shared With Me and Starred, as well as subfolders, to boot. On iOS, Quickoffice picks up a few additional improvements, including support for multiple Drive accounts, refined chart rendering and the option to create and share zip folders from several files. Ready to take the search giant up on its deal? Click the neighboring source links for the downloads. If you aren't a business type, picking up a Chromebook Pixel will snag you Quickoffice for free as well, but that route is a wee bit pricier.

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Source: Official Google Enterprise Blog, Quickoffice (Google Play), Quickoffice (iTunes)

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Readying For An IPO, Enterprise SaaS Integration Platform Mulesoft Raises $37M From NEA, Salesforce And Others (Original)


MuleSoft, an integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise, has raised $37 million led by NEA, with and returning investors Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, SAP Ventures and Bay Partners all participating. This bring the company’s total funding to $81 million.

MuleSoft lets organizations integrate their cloud and on-premise applications. The company’s newly launched platform allows for a complete integration platform to enable connectivity to any application, data service or API, across the entire cloud and on-premise continuum.

The company also offers Tcat Server, an application server that simplifies management, application provisioning, and diagnostics tasks for Tomcat developers and administrators; Mule ESB, an open source enterprise service bus, which enables to create and integrate application services; and Mule Data Integrator that simplifies data integration and transformation tasks.

“The success of companies like and Workday shows the profound economic advantage of the cloud-based approach, but the move to the cloud creates a new set of challenges for enterprises,” said Scott Sandell, General Partner at NEA in a release. “Companies that are enabling a more seamless transition from on-premise to cloud are among the most exciting investment opportunities right now, and MuleSoft is one of the breakout leaders in this category.”

And enterprise clients are responding.…

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Yahoo! Mail Partners With Dropbox To Add File Attachments, Brings Brand New Audience To File Hosting Service (Original)


It’s no secret that Yahoo! is overhauling all of its flagship products, including mail. The service has gotten a refresh on both the web and mobile, and today, the company has announced a partnership with file-backup and sharing service Dropbox.

The partnership will make it easier to send, receive and manage attachments in Yahoo! Mail. In case you’ve forgotten, Yahoo! Mail is still the No. 3 most-used mail service in the world behind Hotmail and Gmail. But the last time we checked, it was No. 1 in the United States. By acting nimbly, the company can add small tweaks and enhancements thanks to partnerships like this that will give it a potential edge against the competition.

This is good news for both companies, specifically Dropbox. This brings a new audience to the service, which has become a mainstay in the workplace. The company has yet to crack the consumer area, and Yahoo! has those users lined up and waiting to try new things. If users don’t have a Dropbox account, they can simply sign up for one via Yahoo! Mail. That also means more potential revenue for Dropbox once these users fill up their free 2GB.

Here’s what David McDowell, Senior Director of Product Management on Yahoo!…

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Now With 3 Million New Users, Google Reader’s Heir Apparent Feedly Relaunches On iOS & Android, Reveals How It Plans To Make Money (Original)


Feedly, the RSS feed-reading client that is rapidly becoming the one to beat following the planned Google Reader shutdown, is today launching new versions of its Feedly Mobile client for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android phones and tablets. This update, built-in response to user feedback, is focused on improving search, productivity, discovery and sharing. But the feature, which is likely to appeal to ex-Google Reader users the most is the new “title only” mode, designed to make headline scanning more efficient.

The startup says it has now seen 3 million new users sign up for its service in the wake of Google’s announcement that it’s shuttering Google Reader on July 1, 2013. Prior to this, Feedly had grown its own user base organically to 4 million users since its founding in 2008, to give you some perspective on how rapid this growth has been.

“We are thankful that so many Reader refugees have selected Feedly as their new home, and we will strive to make it the best home we can for them,” says co-founder Cyril Moutran. “Our main priorities over the next 90 days are to keep the service up, listen to new users for suggestions, and keep adding smaller features weekly.”

Feedly has been moving quickly to capitalize on the attention Google’s announcement brought the company, which has benefitted Feedly in terms of app store domination in particular, where its native clients have been topping the charts.…

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Google Introduces “Gmail Blue” – It’s Completely Blue, Because Brown Was a “Disaster” (Original)


The Google April Fool’s train continues with the announcement of “Gmail Blue.” Yes, it’s a version of Google’s email service where everything is the color blue. The YouTube one from earlier was OK, and the Nose one was just so-so, but I’d actually use this product if it existed, especially since it took six years to “develop the technology.”

Can you imagine something like this actually happening? Some people flipped out about the new compose screen becoming the default, so they’d lose their mind if Google changed all of the colors in the email service.

The real bit of news here? Gmail turns nine tomorrow. Yes, we’re all old.

The video for Gmail Blue is pretty damn hilarious and worth checking out. Be sure to count the number of buzzwords used:

I can’t help but wonder if this is a not-so-subtle poke at Facebook, which of course is well-known for having the color blue all over the place within its apps and site. One of our readers, Edd Friedman, smartly suggested in the comments that this could be Google making fun of Microsoft Windows Blue. Makes sense. The line about brown being a disaster?…

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Facebook is – finally – unveiling the Facebook Phone April 4 (Original)

After years of rumors, Facebook is finally getting ready to unveil the mysterious Facebook Phone. The handset will likely be built by HTC and run Android - but we'll find out more April 4. Until then, we have a bit to mull whether we're ready to go all in on Facebook and mobile - and whether we're OK with the platform having all of our mobile data.…

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Sunrise Update Brings LinkedIn Profiles, Recurring Events And Notes To The Calendar App (Original)

Sunrise Contact

iOS calendar app Sunrise received its first update a month after its release, bringing more info and flexibility to your calendar. The team has pushed the LinkedIn integration a step forward by bringing the entire profile into the app. Now you can check previous work experiences and education from Sunrise’s interface.

“The feedback we got from our launch is that Sunrise really changes your calendar,” co-founder Pierre Valade said in a phone interview. “Using your calendar becomes a true pleasure,” he continued. During its initial development, the team really focused on the user experience because they found that other apps were lacking in this area.

But the company also received two other pieces of feedback regarding Facebook Connect and event features. Users didn’t want to use their Facebook account to create a Sunrise account. So it added the ability to log in with Google — Sunrise only works with Google Calendar for now.

Heavy calendar users also requested two new features that come with today’s update. You can now create recurring events directly from your phone and you can add notes to your events. This data is synchronized with your Google Calendar.

“There are still a lot of features that we want to implement,” Valade said.…

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Celebrating Tumblr’s million milestone with the blogs that made it big (Original)

Tumblr is churning out millions of blogs - and here are some of our favorites that managed to turn an Internet pastime into a Web-based business.…

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Evernote for Windows Phone gets refined UI, document search and more in 3.0 update (Original)

Evernote for Windows Phone adds refined UI, checkboxes, livetile shortcuts and document search in 30 update

Evernote's getting a version 3.0 overhaul for Windows Phone that updates the app with some majorly welcome improvements. Now, users that launch the note-taking app will be greeted by two UI refreshes: a simplified homescreen that gathers all your necessary tools for quick access at a glance and a more compact tag list that's easier to navigate and displays more results. The Evernote team's also added the ability to create checkboxes, group notebooks by "stacks" and pin live-tile shortcuts by long-pressing on tags, notes or notebooks; shortcuts that can be synced across various platforms (i.e., Mac, Windows Phone and Android). And for die-hard organizational freaks that pay for the premium product, the app now features document search -- useful for parsing attached MSWord, OpenOffice or iWork docs. The update's live right now, so it should hit your WP device soon. Or if you're one of the uninitiated, now's a good time to make the jump and connect your life with the cloud.

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Source: Evernote

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Springpad note-taking service gets interface overhaul, now an even worthier rival to Evernote (Original)

Springpad notetaking platform gets web interface overhaul, now an even worthier rival to Evernote

Springpad may lack Evernote's commercial clout, but it makes up for it in a number of ways -- not least with free-of-charge features like offline access from its mobile apps (which certain rivals charge for) and Pinterest-style sharing options. The interface hasn't been a particular strong point, but that could be about to change as version 4.0 has just gone live for at least some users of the web interface. The new UI centers everything on three key buttons along the top:

  • Springs -- which gives you immediate access to your latest notes, regardless of which device you made them on
  • Notebooks -- for organizing your notes into projects
  • Search & Do -- which, needless to say, lets you search your notes, but also suggests activities based to-do tasks you've created.

The same, simplified philosophy is due to hit Springpad's iOS and Android apps soon, although there's no sign of that happening just yet. In meantime, check out the web interface for yourself at the source link.

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Source: Springpad

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