Well, That Was Fast: Twitter Already Shut Down Ribbon’s Newly Launched In-Stream Payments Feature (Original)


This morning, payments startup Ribbon announced support for “in-stream” payments on, allowing users to click a button directly within a tweet in order to make a purchase without having to leave the website. However, it appears that Twitter has already shut this feature down – almost immediately after its public debut.

Ribbon Co-founder Hany Rashwan has confirmed that Twitter has indeed shut them down, and the company is now in the process of trying to contact Twitter to discuss. We’ve also reached out to Twitter with questions, and will update if and when we hear back.

It’s possible that the way Ribbon implemented the in-stream payments using Twitter Cards (via the Player Card model) was a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service. What’s interesting is how quickly Twitter reacted to the situation, which makes one wonder who might have brought the violation, or issue, to Twitter’s attention.

For background, Ribbon, which is something of a “ for payments,” previously allowed Twitter users to click and link and be redirected to a separate page offering a simple, one-page checkout experience. But today, it introduced a new, more integrated option for payments, which took advantage of Twitter Card functionality to allow for payment processing directly on…

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ZenPayroll Launches Simple, Cloud-Based Payroll Service For Accountants And Bookkeepers (Original)


YC-backed ZenPayroll, the startup that offers an easy to use, cloud-based payroll application, is debuting a new product today—ZenPayroll for Accountants.

ZenPayroll, which has a list of all-star investors, is disrupting a space that incumbents like ADP and Paychex have dominated for some time. The startup offers a much simpler, cloud-based way to automate all payroll tax calculations and payments, as well as provide direct deposit to employees. And the application allows for filing of all payroll-related government documents paperlessly.

With the initial product, ZenPayroll was aiming at small businesses and companies who use ADP. With the launch of ZenPayroll for Accountants, the startup is hoping to attract independent accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs who manage a number of small businesses.

The new dashboard allows accountants and bookkeepers to manage the payroll needs of multiple companies from a single screen. The product is free, and setup takes less than one minute, says founder Josh Reeves. Accountant can view pending tasks for each company and take action such as running payroll for their client, adding new employees, reviewing tax payments and filings, etc. Payroll reports take minutes, and accountants can collaborate with their client company by adding additional admin and employee accounts.…

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Did you know: A majority of app revenue comes from in-app purchases (Original)

A new study shows that the bulk of app revenue doesn't come from the initial download, but from in-app purchases.…

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PayTango lets you pay for stuff using your fingerprints (Original)

Potentially eliminating the need to carry around any type of credit or debit card, PayTango uses biometrics to help customers checkout at the register quicker using just their fingerprints.…

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Expensify Now Offers Support For Bitcoin, An Alternative To PayPal For International Contractors (Original)

Image (1) expensifylogo.png for post 129193

Expensify has announced it is now supporting Bitcoin to give international contractors an alternative to PayPal and the high fees associated with the service.

Bitcoin is an online currency that has gained international acceptance and recently the support of Silicon Valley Bank through a partnership with CoinLab and its deal with Mt. Gox, the owner of the world’s dominant Bitcoin exchange. CoinLab will be Mt. Gox’s exclusive partner in the United States and Canada.

Expensify explains Bitcoin in additional detail on its website:

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority. It depends on the same cryptography that secures websites to ensure the validity of the currency and payments.

According to Expensify, “before sending or receiving Bitcoins, Expensify customers will need to establish a Bitcoin wallet. The wallet, either stored locally on the contractor’s computer or on a website, will have an address assigned to it that you will use to send or receive Bitcoins.”

CEO David Barrett said in an interview that customers can use exchanges to transfer Bitcoins. These exchanges, like Mt. Gox, serve as ways to convert Bitcoins into hard currencies.…

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Payleven, The Samwers’ Square/PayPal Rival, Ramps Up Security With FSA Authorization, MasterCard mPOS Scheme (Original)

payleven chip and pin in action

There is no single mobile payment company in Europe that has reached the scale and stature that Square has in the U.S., where the Jack Dorsey-led startup processed $1 billion in transactions in 2012. Payleven, one of the many mobile payment startups that want to take that crown on the other side of the pond, is today announcing two more steps in its strategy to convince businesses and consumers to sign on. Payleven, part of the Samwer brothers’ Rocket Internet stable, has been authorized as a payment institution by the UK’s Financial Services Authority; and it is also now part of MasterCard’s mPOS program – two moves to improve its credibility as a secure payment provider.

This makes Payleven one of the first companies of its kind to get FSA certification in the UK — but not the first. As one example, iZettle, a well-backed competitor, has FSA approval as a financial institution in Sweden because that is where it’s headquartered. In Europe, approval by one FSA typically extends that approval to the rest of the European countries in the EEA footprint. In the UK, another competitor, SumUp, also has FSA approval as an authorized payment institution.…

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T-Mobile’s ‘Uncarrier’ Value Plans, and how much money they’ll save you (Original)

T-Mobile is rolling out it's Uncarrier phone plan, which still technically makes it a carrier. No matter what you call it, we take a look at how exactly the new Value Plans work and what it means for you.…

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Yandex introduces Twym online payment system for Twitter-based transfers (Original)

Yandex introduces Twym online payment system for Twitterbased transfers

Russia's Yandex has been in the online payment business for more than a decade now with its Yandex.Money service, but it's branching out into some slightly more uncharted territory with its latest addition. Dubbed Twym, the company's new service will let folks send actual rubles to other Twitter users with nothing more than a tweet like the one above. Before that transfer takes place, though, both the sender and receiver of the money will need to link their Twitter and Yandex.Money accounts, and there are expectedly some limits on the amounts that can be transfered. 100,000 rubles (or roughly $3,300) is the maximum limit allowed by Yandex, but that can be changed by each user. You can also thankfully keep things private via direct message if you'd rather not broadcast your money transfers to all your followers.

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Via: The Next Web

Source: Yandex, Twym

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Telenor subs get Google Play direct pay option (Original)

Telenor is claiming its second ‘Norwegian first’ in the space of a week, after enabling its mobile customers in the country to pay for Google apps directly.

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Mobile Ticketing Solution Masabi Raises $2.8M To Help Transit Agencies Move To The Cloud, Opens New York Office (Original)


Masabi, which develops and deploys mobile ticketing technology for the transport sector, has raised a further $2.8 million in a new round of funding from Detroit-based Fontinalis Partners, along with London-based MMC Ventures and existing investor m8 Capital.

The new capital will be used by the UK company to “accelerate” transit agency deployments in the U.S. — in late 2012 it deployed its “JustRide” system for Boston’s MBTA — as well as opening a New York office. Related to its U.S. expansion, Masabi has hired transit industry “innovator” Josh Robin as VP of Strategy and Business Development for North American operations.

Described as a leader in transit mobile ticketing and what it calls “agile fare collection”, Masabi’s mobile tech is all about making it easier to book transport tickets (trains, metro etc.) by utilising mobile phones instead of traditional paper tickets or smartcards. Its flagship product, JustRide, which it sells to transit agencies, is a cloud-based, end-to-end mobile ticketing and fare collection system that includes mobile apps for ticket purchase, use, and ticket agent validation. In the future, it plans to support NFC, too.

For the consumer, once deployed, it enables them to book and display tickets on their mobile without having to stand in line, while for transit agencies, Masabi is talking up the speed of deployment and low cost for the system compared to traditional offerings — the usual cloud promise — thus its use of the word “agile”.…

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