Shazam moves beyond music: How a simple tagging app could be the next big thing (Original)

Shazam has been around for more than a decade, but thanks to some bold moves, it is quickly becoming one of the hottest companies to keep an eye on, and one of the coolest services to try out, because of its advances in autotagging and TV.

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Shazam set to speed up expansion with $40m investment from telecom boss Carlos Slim (Original)

Shazam, the app that helps users identify music tracks, is receiving $40 million in funding from Carlos Slim, one of the world's richest people. Shazam boss Andrew Fisher says the money will help the company to implement expansion plans more quickly.

The post Shazam set to speed up expansion with $40m investment from telecom boss Carlos Slim appeared first on Digital Trends.…

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Shazam launches TV engagement metric (Original)

Shazam Toyota ITV AdvertShazam has launched a new TV advertising metric, designed to let brands more successfully gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The Shazam Engagement Rate combines third-party viewing data from Nielsen with the number of people engaged with ads through Shazam, to determine which are resonating best with viewers.

“By showing brands where they are seeing actual engagement – not just viewers, but people who are leaning in and asking for more information – Shazam is able to provide an entirely new service to advertisers: measurement and accountability on how effectively an ad campaign connects with the target audience,” said Shazam CEO Rich Riley.

Unveiling the ad measurement metric at the Cannes Lions international advertising festival, Riley added that the service would help companies optimise their ad spend. The Shazam Engagement Rate is available to Shazam for TV advertisers, who build mobile-optimised experiences for brand campaigns that can be accessed through the app.

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Rdio rolls out to seven new countries, comes to Asia for first time (Original)

While Apple's forthcoming streaming radio service will initially only be available to those in the US, rival Rdio is continuing to take its service to new locations, on Thursday announcing seven new countries, including its first step into Asia.…

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Google Play Music for Android updated to address data usage complaints (Original)

Google Play Music for Android updated to address data usage complaints

Mobile data caps have been the enemy of Google Play Music for quite some time, but a new update, available in the Play Store today, might provide a quick fix. By default, the service streams music at the highest quality possible on a given connection, so it wasn't always friendly to users dealing with data limits. With this update, Google is aiming to decrease the amount of overall data the app uses while providing more bandwidth usage settings. Additionally, the update boasts improved search quality and faster music downloads. Hopefully, Google will continue to work out the kinks before its forthcoming iOS All Access rollout. In the meantime, Google Play Music users can mosey on over to the source link below to download the latest version.

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Source: Google Play Store

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Tunebox Is An iTunes Match-Like App For Dropbox Music Files (Original)

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When Dropbox bought Audiogalaxy late last year, industry observers wondered if the cloud music player startup could turn into a new audio streaming product. But Audiogalaxy was promptly shut down, and the team is rumored to be working on other Dropbox projects.

And so, a largish niche has emerged for apps that stream DRM-free music files for Dropbox users. DropTunes has a well-regarded web player, but mobile is the main use case for most people, and Tunebox has been a standout among the eight or so apps available for iOS. Available since late 2011, it already streams songs automatically instead of requiring you to download files from Dropbox to your phone like most of the others.

The new 2.0 version completes developer Phil Kast‘s* goal of providing an iTunes Match-type service for Dropbox users, in that you can now save files to your device and play them in offline mode. Just tap the icon next to a song or album to save it, and swipe to remove it if you want to free up storage space on your device.

Tunebox had already done a relatively good job of sorting through song metadata in Dropbox to organize files in its interface.…

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Pandora killer? Spotify slayer? iTunes Radio needs more than hype to compete (Original)

Apple has finally introduced the world to its Pandora-challenging, Spotify-rivaling streaming service, iTunes Radio. But this brief look doesn't confirm anything beyond yet another competitor in the digital music market.…

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Apple nets Big Three music publishers for iRadio, expect announcement Monday (Original)

Apple may reveal iRadio as early as Monday with sources reporting that all Big Three music publishers are on board with the new music streaming service.…

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Pandora now streaming to game consoles, TVs to follow (Original)

Pandora launched a new platform it calls to open up streaming on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles, but with an eventual focus on making the popular music streaming service available on TVs and set top boxes.…

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Pandora Stock Jumps As Revenue Beats The Street, Grows 58% To $128.5M; Mobile Ad Revenue Hits Record High (Original)


Pandora has had a busy quarter. In March, the social radio company saw its long-time CEO Joe Kennedy abruptly step down, leaving the board to scramble to find a replacement. On the bright side, Kennedy’s exit, while likely a result of stress, followed relatively good times for Pandora. And it’s continued to push forward since.

Pandora launched an ad-free version for Windows 8 in March, surpassed 200 million users (with over 140 million accessing Pandora via mobile) in April, then launched a “Premieres” station for U.S. users and deepened its Facebook integration with a new Timeline App.

Today, Pandora’s first quarter earnings reflected this flurry of activity, as the company saw GAAP total revenue increase 97 percent year-over-year to $83.9 million (with non-GAAP mobile revenue of $86.7 million), which outpaced mobile listener hour growth at 47 percent year over year. Meanwhile, total revenue came in at $125.5 million, representing 55 percent year-over-year growth and non-GAAP total revenue of $128.5 million.

What’s more, share of total U.S. Radio listening for Pandora grew to 7.33 percent in April — an increase from 5.86 percent in the same period last year.

This news followed a strong earnings report from Pandora for the fourth quarter as well, thanks chiefly to mobile revenue growth of 111 percent year-over-year (to $80.3 million), which caused the company’s stock to jump for joy.…

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