Watch out WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger is headed to iOS and Android this summer (Original)

BlackBerry will release a BBM application for iOS and Android device this summer, bringing its popular messaging app to other platforms for free, and for the first time.…

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Take That, Gmail: Lets You Chat With Your Google Contacts (Original) is taking a major step to woo Gmail devotees by integrating Google Talk contacts into its webmail messenger service.

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Microsoft adds built-in Google Talk to and (Original)

Microsoft adds builtin Google Talk to Outlookcom and SkyDrivecom

Make no mistake, we don't just like; we love it. The problem with Microsoft's revamped email service, though, is that ditching Gmail can be a tough sell, as it's meant giving up features like built-in Gchat. At last, however, Microsoft is adding support for Google Talk, which means you can keep sending your friends dancing-parrot videos even after you make the switch. ( still does Facebook and Skype chatting too.) What's more, you'll find Gchat baked into -- a handy tool if you happen to be collaborating with Google users. To clarify, this feature is only coming to the Outlook and SkyDrive websites for now -- Dharmesh Mehta, Sr. Director of, told us Microsoft is still considering how GTalk might fit into its mobile apps. In the meantime, though, you can load up Outlook in your browser if you want a peek. And don't worry if nothing shows up right away: the company is warning users that the roll-out could take several days.

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Google Brings Its Cloud Messaging Push Notification Service To Chrome (Original)


At last year’s I/O, Google launched its Cloud Messaging push notification service for Android. This week, it extended this service to Chrome and Chrome OS, which, Google says, allows Chrome apps and extension developers to wake up their apps remotely and/or send alerts to users.

While mobile app developers have long been familiar with the concept of push notifications, this is a pretty novel service for web developers. Unless a Chrome app or extension is running in the background and pulling down information from the service, after all, users can’t usually receive alerts like news updates or stock ticker notifications from the developers’ servers.

Google product manager Mark Scott writes in his announcement that ”event pages keep apps and extensions efficient by allowing them to respond to a variety of events, such as timers or navigation to a particular site, without having to remain running persistently.” This works, but it does consume bandwidth and reduce battery life if you are on a laptop or Chromebook.

Cloud Messaging for Chrome, on the other hand, allows developers to push messages directly to signed-in users. As long as the user is signed in and on a machine where the app or extension is installed, the alerts should automatically start appearing.…

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Google services suffer as unified messaging gets closer to launch (Original)

Broken Google
If you’ve noticed Google’s messaging services being less than stable for the last week, you’re not alone. In fact, every service that is expected to be part of their unified messaging platform has……

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Now 200M Users Strong, Viber Launches Desktop App With Video Calling In Version 3.0 (Original)


Viber has made quite a name for itself as a global mobile first company, but today that all changes as the company breaks ground in the desktop space. That means that starting today, Viber’s 200 million+ users will have access to their Viber contacts from both mobile and desktop.

The rollout is part of a bigger push from Viber, including an update to its iOS, Android and BlackBerry apps to version 3.0. But the real story is this desktop app.

I played with the software earlier this week, and can say that it’s a truly impressive VoIP, messaging, and video calling platform. That’s right. Viber for Desktop (available on both PC and Mac here) marks the company’s entry into video calling with a beta version of the feature. For now, video calling is only available from desktop to desktop.

Other than that, the desktop version has just about everything the mobile version has, including messaging, stickers, etc.

To start, you must be a mobile user of Viber, so if you don’t have a number that’s already associated with the service, the desktop app will ask you to download the mobile application. From there, you simply input your number into the desktop app, enter a pin which is sent to your mobile device, and you instantly have access to all the contacts you know on Viber.…

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Facebook Messenger for iOS: now with stickers and message-deleting swipes (Original)

Facebook Messenger for iOS now with stickers and messagedeleting swipes

Facebook's been giving its Messenger app quite a few facelifts lately, with the arrival of Chat Heads and VoIP calling among the highlights. Today, an app update was released for iOS that lets users add stylized critter stickers to messages, freeing them from the crippling visual limitations of emoticons in textual communications -- largely identical to the recent Android update. The upgrade also enables a swipe to delete feature to remove conversations from inboxes for good, saving users precious fingertips from an extra tap or two in the process. If your iPhone hasn't already told you about version 2.4, you'll find the fresh download at the source below.

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WeChat competitor LINE hits 150 million user mark (Original)

The messaging app as social network revolution continues, and it looks like we've got ourselves a new contender. NHN announced that 150 million users around the world are now using its mobile messaging-turned-'lifestyle' app LINE.…

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Type Less. Talk More. Make Skype Calls Directly From Your Inbox (Original)

Starting today, Microsoft is rolling out a preview version of Skype for, bringing two great communication experiences together — all in one place! As part of our commitment to bring you the very best ways to communicate, this Skype for preview is beginning to roll out in the United Kingdom and will be made available in the United States and Germany in the coming weeks. In the coming months, audio and video calling powered by Skype will be available in every inbox. By adding Skype conversations to your modern email, Microsoft is creating yet another way for you to connect to the people you care about most.

With the preview version of Skype for you can enjoy Skype video and audio calls right from your inbox — less typing, more talking!  For those of you that aren’t familiar, is a free personal email service from Microsoft. In the first six months after launch, attracted 60 million new users, making it the fastest-growing email service in history.

Even with the best email service, sometimes text isn’t enough. We all face those situations where it’s just easier to jump on a call to talk something through. Sometimes that quick call can accomplish more than a long email reply.…

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Chat apps to double SMS text messaging by end of 2013 (Original)

By the time 2013 comes to a close, chat apps like WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger will account for twice the messaging traffic of traditional text messaging - more than 40 billion messages from chat apps and only about 20 million beings traditional texts.…

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