Scale Out Provider Cloudscaling Raises $10M With Investment From Juniper And Seagate, Networking Takes Center Stage (Original)


Cloudscaling has raised $10 million from Trinity Ventures, Juniper Networks, and Seagate Technologies in a deal that shows how software defined networking has become a focal issue for companies building out their own clouds.

Cloudscaling delivers an OpenStack-powered cloud infrastructure system for enterprises, SaaS providers and cloud service providers. The company foreshadowed a deal with Juniper when it announced the company would provide Cloudscaling with its virtualized networking controller. That deal was precipitated by Juniper’s acquisition of Contrail Systems. The startup raised $10 million last July from Khosla Ventures. By December, Juniper had snatched up the company for $176 million.

Network controllers have become a hot topic as more cloud projects get underway. The importance stems from the need to scale out networks in an affordable manner. Adding more hardware just gets too expensive. Virtualizing the controller means that the data flowing through the pipes can be managed in a granular way, optimized through software so the network can be used efficiently without lots of spillover costs for additional hardware.

Contrail points to how Cloudscaling has positioned itself with a focus on providing networking for its customers building out enterprise and SaaS clouds. It puts the company in the same space as VMware-owned Nicira and BigSwitch.…

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Cloud critical to telcos’ success (Original)

Redknee CEO Lucas Skoczkowski says cloud-based capabilities key to experimenting and avoiding complete overhaul of systems.

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What Sets The Google Cloud Platform Apart From The Rest (Original)

Sessions — Google I_O 2013

There is a misperception about the new Google Cloud Platform that the company put into general availability last week at Google I/O. It’s not a brand new platform. It’s what Google has used for years. It is Google’s foundation. It is what makes Google, Google. And now it’s open for the first time to developers and businesses.

Google Platform is new in the sense that anyone can now use it. But until now only a relative few number of people have had access to the platform.

Google Cloud Platform officially launched at last year’s Google I/O. So it still has a lot of hype that comes with a new Google service, especially at an event like Google I/O. It does not have the full set of features that comes with Amazon Web Services (AWS). A customer can get a much deeper service level agreement (SLA) from Windows Azure. Customers can use a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) like Openshift and leverage the Red Hat infrastructure. OpenStack is an option for companies that want to build out their own open cloud environment. Go that route and a customer has a host of vendors to choose from. Red Hat, IBM and HP are just a few to choose from for any number of software and services.…

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Brightcove launches Video Cloud Live (Original)

Online video specialist Brightcove has launched a multi-bitrate live streaming module for its Video Cloud Studio interface.

Brightcove Video Cloud Live is designed to let firms deliver high-quality, live video events across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs.

“Consumers are increasingly accessing live event coverage, providing new opportunities for publishers to drive revenues and increase viewer engagement,” said Ashraf AlKarmi, vice president of product management at Brightcove.

“Live events have historically been difficult to manage and expensive to deliver. With Video Cloud Live, we are removing that complexity and high cost and enabling customers of all levels and technical expertise to deliver impactful live video events in an easy-to-use dashboard within the Video Cloud environment.”

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Microsoft adds built-in Google Talk to and (Original)

Microsoft adds builtin Google Talk to Outlookcom and SkyDrivecom

Make no mistake, we don't just like; we love it. The problem with Microsoft's revamped email service, though, is that ditching Gmail can be a tough sell, as it's meant giving up features like built-in Gchat. At last, however, Microsoft is adding support for Google Talk, which means you can keep sending your friends dancing-parrot videos even after you make the switch. ( still does Facebook and Skype chatting too.) What's more, you'll find Gchat baked into -- a handy tool if you happen to be collaborating with Google users. To clarify, this feature is only coming to the Outlook and SkyDrive websites for now -- Dharmesh Mehta, Sr. Director of, told us Microsoft is still considering how GTalk might fit into its mobile apps. In the meantime, though, you can load up Outlook in your browser if you want a peek. And don't worry if nothing shows up right away: the company is warning users that the roll-out could take several days.

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Source: Microsoft

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Google Unifies Its Free And Paid Storage Options, Gives You 15GB To Share Between Drive, Gmail And Google+ Photos, 30GB For Apps Users (Original)


Until now, you’ve had to track your free storage on Google products separately. It was just another thing that Google hadn’t brought together to make it easier on users. Today, the company announced that you’ll now have 15GB of free storage to share between Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. Google Apps customers are getting a bump for Drive and Gmail to the tune of 30GB.

This falls in line with what Google has been pushing along with its Chromebook laptops — one huge cloud to manage all of your stuff. The company says that with this change in approach you’ll no longer be limited to a 25GB upgrade for Gmail, meaning if you grab more space for your Google products, it’s shared everywhere.

Also, it’s a push for unification and a nice shove for the “Drive” brand, which now serves as your online hard drive for everything…not just documents. It’s easier for consumers to get their heads around thinking of their email being stored on their “Google Drive.”

Here’s a look at the updated dashboard to check in on how much space you have left, which should be rolling out soon:

Here’s a look at the existing dashboard, which doesn’t push the 200GB option like the new one does, and still lists the 25GB upgrade, which also bumped your Gmail storage up.…

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Unhappy Customers Want to Parachute From Adobe’s Creative Cloud (Original)

Adobe's move to the Creative Cloud isn't sitting well with all of its customers. Over 5,000 of them have now signed a petition calling on the company to keep selling packaged software.

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Governments must step up cloud policies (Original)

We believe it is time for governments to elevate their policy

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Ouya showing its growing pains, delays launch to June 25 (Original)

The retail release date for Ouya slips to June 25, 2013 even as the company secures $15 million in investment capital and adds ex-EA chief creative officer Bing Gordon to its board of directors.…

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GamePop challenges Ouya with subscription-based Android console (Original)

The Ouya was a smash hit on Kickstarter, and it’s due to arrive late next month and usher in a new, cheap era in console gaming. Now the crew behind BlueStacks is getting……

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