Cisco showcases cloud solutions (Original)

Cisco is demonstrating a range of Cisco Videoscape solutions at Anga in a bid to demonstrate “openness and innovation in the cloud,” the firm said. 

Videoscape Unity provides a pre-integrated, end-to-end solution to address specific business challenges, combining multiple suites and products, as well as integration services – packaged and delivered as a single solution.

The offer includes TV everywhere, multiscreen cloud DVR and a connected video gateway technologies. It also supports access to TV services including RDK, HTML5, CI+ and HBBTV, as well as multiplatform delivery, including CCAP migration convergence towards an all-IP service architecture and DOCSIS 3.1.

Cisco said it is demoing how “its solutions enable monetisation and competitive differentiation, with a focus on next-generation infrastructures to enable quality experiences and cloud-delivered services.”

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ActiveVideo unveils enhanced CloudTV, names new customers (Original)

ActiveVideo has enhanced its CloudTV platform to enable service providers to deliver TV to any connected device as an application and has announced a raft of major customers.

The CloudTV H5 platform can, according to ActiveVideo, now support scaleable deployments effectively through the use of four major innovations.

These include render layers, enabling complex UIs and animation to be rendered more smoothly and to reduce required bandwidth up to 50%; smart multiplexing, increasing the number of CloudTV sessions delivered across an existing cable QAM network, resulting in 25% throughput improvement, or in an IP network benefiting from adaptive bit rate technology; and dual-stream rendering, allowing the bandwidth-efficient delivery of partial-screen user interfaces that are controlled from the cloud but rendered locally on devices, resulting in enhanced on-screen experiences without taxing the network.

A fourth innovation, support for a family of thin clients based on an ultra-light code base, works with the CloudTV platform to deliver consistent user experiences on any connected device, according to the company. Dubbed CloudTV Nano, CloudTV Nano Lite and CloudTV Nanoware, the clients are designed to meet a variety of customer deployment strategies supporting managed and unmanaged devices with UI-in-the-cloud capabilities, according to the company.

ActiveVideo, whose technology is already used to support video-on-demand services delivered to legacy set-top boxes from Ziggo in the Netherlands, has also announced three major new customers: US cable operators Charter Communications and Cablevision, and Japanese group Sumitomo.…

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German operators and broadcasters mull OTT options at ANGA COM (Original)

Sky Deutschland is mulling the possibility of replicating the Sky Now OTT offering provided by BSkyB, although it has no current plans to launch such a service, according to Holger Ensslin, chief officer, legal regualtory and distribution.

“We are considering that – there is no question,” said Ensslin, speaking on a strategy panel at ANGA COM. Sky Deutschland currently offers standalone day passes for football matches, including in the final phase of the Champions League.

Ensslin said that Sky would take a step into the OTT world by launching a Sky Sports News app as a standalone OTT service this summer. Ensslin said this would be a low-cost service.

Ensslin said that Sky was already an OTT operator in its own right via Sky Go. “It’s not a standalone offer but it’s a big OTT platform,” he said. “In Q1 we had 15 million requests on our platform.”

Thomas Heise, chairman of the board of on-demand service Maxdome, speaking on the same panel, said that his service’s biggest competitor was piracy and illegal consumption of content. Nevertheless, he said, video-on-demand is growing quickly, albeit as a nich service in comparison to pay TV services.

To become mass market services, VOD providers needed to extend reach to as many devices as possible, said Heise.…

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Pipe App Finally Brings File Transfer to Facebook (Original)



After more than a year of teasing its service in beta and in invitation-only mode, a Facebook app called Pipe is finally launching this week to make file transferring easy and possible for the first time on the social network. It also has the potential to be a true game changer.

Berlin-based Pipe Dream Technologies aims to change the way people share on Facebook, allowing members to drag and drop music, documents, video and pictures into a virtual green tube that looks like the one from Super Mario Brothers franchise. On the other end, Facebook friends are able to receive these items in real time with Pipe, even if they don't have the app or aren't online. Read more...

More about Mobile, Facebook, Apps, Startups, and Small Business

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More than 50% of firms turning to cloud for growth, study says (Original)

Trend presents opportunities for hosting providers

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Chunghwa Telecom, Asustek team up on cloud services, apps (Original)

Partnership targets consumers in domestic and overseas markets

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SDN key to driving public cloud services (Original)

But it depends on how pervasively operators and suppliers embrace the paradigm

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Australia debuts national cloud strategy (Original)

A major step forward from the earlier “cloud last” policy

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Verizon Cloud spreads to iOS devices, Droid DNA and Galaxy S 4 (Original)

Verizon Cloud spreads to iOS devices, Droid DNA and Galaxy S 4

When Verizon Cloud launched last month, it would only back up a few Android devices -- not quite the cross-platform utopia that the carrier had in mind. Today's launch of the Verizon Cloud iOS app should get the company (and subscribers) closer to the original vision. Like its mobile counterpart, the iPhone-focused release syncs or streams documents and media from every platform that Verizon supports, including PCs. Just don't expect a wide safety net, though, as the iOS app won't back up call logs, contacts or messages. Still prefer Android? You're covered as well -- Verizon has expanded the compatibility list to include more Google-powered hardware, such as the Droid DNA and the Galaxy S 4. As long as you're inclined toward Verizon Cloud in the first place, the source links should get all your devices working in harmony.

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Via: 9to5 Mac

Source: App Store, Verizon, Google Play

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Loom Is Building A Better iCloud (Original)


Barely a month or two after launching the Y Combinator-backed photo-sharing service Popset, the team realized they were solving the wrong problem. Users weren’t struggling to share their photos with groups; they needed tools to help them organize and manage their photo libraries across a variety of platforms and services. So the company decided to change its course, and today it’s announcing what it has in store: Loom, a cloud storage and syncing service that’s like a better alternative to iCloud.

“People were requesting features and giving us feedback that caught our attention,” explains Popset and now Loom co-founder Jan Senderek. After interviewing hundreds of users over a month’s time, the founders had a better idea of what its user base wanted. People told the team of their awful routines for managing photos – backing them from iPhones to external hard drives, having to sync them through iTunes, how quickly the photos ate up precious disk space on their portable devices and MacBook SSD drives, and so on.

“There are so many thing that are wrong, and it’s kind of obvious how to solve that – by simply putting everything in the cloud and making it accessible to you on all your devices,” says Senderek.…

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