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Find More to Watch with Hulu Recommendations (Original)

Hopefully you’ve benefited from Hulu’s recommendations in the past, whether we’ve helped you get reacquainted with an old favorite TV show or introduced you to a new movie on Hulu. For logged-in Hulu users, the recommendations engine takes into account all kinds of factors as it suggests shows that you might enjoy — including videos you’ve watched, commented on, or told us you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Now we’ve made it even easier for you to find great shows and movies with our new recommendations hub. You can easily access your recommendations right off of the home page navigation bar. Think of it as a personal shopper that will point you to great entertainment, tailored to your specific tastes.

Enjoy! And as always, let us know what you think on our discussion board.

Peter Sargent
Product Manager…

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A gift for movie lovers: Criterion Collection joins Hulu Plus (Original)

My earliest movie exposure was heavily influenced by what my father could find at the local video store. He’d stop there on the way home from work and pick out one of new releases from the display of empty video boxes that lined the outer walls of the store. And so my early love of movies grew largely from a diet of American Hollywood blockbusters because that’s what dominated the most coveted merchandising space at our local video stores.

After college, I moved to Seattle, and some movie buffs I met there introduced me to a video store called Scarecrow Video. This was unlike any video store I’d ever encountered. It was enormous, carrying seemingly every movie ever put on video in any format, from VHS to laserdisc to DVD, including PAL videotapes and foreign region DVDs that required renting special machines to play. These were movies from all over the world, in all languages, sorted not just by new versus old but by country, director, and genre. It was at Scarecrow that I rented my first Criterion laser disc. Most of them were so rare that the store required a credit card deposit of several hundred dollars just to walk out of the store with the movie.…

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Stewart, Colbert, and Hulu’s thoughts about the future of TV (Original)

We are extremely happy to announce a broad content agreement between Viacom and Hulu that brings The Daily Show and The Colbert Report back to Hulu and now also to Hulu Plus, beginning this morning. Each of the shows will be available the morning after they originally air.

As part of the agreement, a selection of great current programming from MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, TV Land, BET and other Viacom channel brands will also be added to Hulu Plus. Each episode of leading shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom 2, and Tosh.0 will be available starting 21 days after their on-air premiere, and all episodes will remain on the service through the end of their respective season. Welcome to Hulu Plus, Snooki.

In the coming weeks on Hulu Plus, we also will be adding more than 2,000 episodes of shows from Viacom’s library including Chappelle’s Show,The Hills, Reno 911, and many more.

While the new content above is news on its own, I thought it would be appropriate to use this opportunity to also share the Hulu team’s point of view on the future of TV. For those interested, read on. For those not interested, may we suggest the latest episode of The Daily Show?…

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